What I take in my Hand Luggage: October 2017

I love reading and watching ‘What’s in my Bag?’ things because I’m so nosy, but I thought it might be interested to see what I’m taking in my hand luggage this holiday, as I need to include my son Owen’s things this time!

I’m going on holiday in the next few weeks, and already I’m beginning to think about what I’m taking in my hand luggage. Usually I just take a normal handbag as it holds all of mine and Rob’s items, but this year as we have Owen with us (Who will be 22 months at the time we fly) I need to make sure I take enough to keep him occupied!

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Due to this, I’ll be taking a cabin bag. Normally I never have the need for one, but in order to make sure we’re fully prepared for every parenting nightmare I’ve had to go and buy one suitable. I actually have the  Tripp watermelon II ‘Holiday 5’ cabin 4 wheel suitcase, which I brought when it was on offer via their website. I already have two large Tripp cases and think they’re fab, so I brought the matching cabin bag. They are quite expensive when full price but I love the hard cases to protect my items, and I love the 4 wheels as it makes it so much easier to move them around.

  1. Radley Travel Purse
    This goes with me on every holiday, and it holds absolutely everything I need. It has different sections for passports, tickets, money, cheques etc, as well as health cards, documents, bank cards etc. I use it every time I go away, as it’s so handy to have all this information in one place should I need it.
  2. Phone, headphones and charger
    This is practically a given now. Like most, I use my phone for everything now, so I have to have it on me, even on holiday. I tend to leave it on airplane mode so I don’t text/phone etc unless I absolutely have to (I’m one of those people where a holiday MEANS a holiday – no technology!) but I like to have this on me for the camera. As I have an iPhone 7+ the camera is fantastic, and I now tend to use this over my traditional ‘point-n-shoot’ camera. On the occasion I get chance to rest, I also like to use Spotify, hence the headphones.
  3. Kindle and charger
    I am very much a book, beach and cocktail kinda gal! As I like to take a selection of books on holiday, it got to the point when there were more books than clothes in my suitcase and it weighed a complete ton. So I’ve made the switch to a Kindle, which is so bloody useful for moments like this, when I can load up my Kindle with tons of books and take an entire library with me.

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  1. Jacket and woolly socks
    I get really cold on airplanes, so even though it might be warm when I arrive at my destination, I like to have something warm to wrap around me when I’m on the plane.
  2. Sunglasses
    I am a big lover of sunglasses; I have lots of pairs around that I swap between. The ones that I am currently wearing are a pair of Michael Kors glasses that I’ve had years. They’re massive and really dark, so will be perfect for that Winter Spanish sun!
  3. Lip balm and hand cream
    It must be something to do with the air conditioning on the plane, but I always get really dry lips and skin.
  4. Baby toys
    This year, I’m having to take a crap ton of baby toys and books to keep Owen occupied. As he’s never been on a plane before, I don’t quite know how he’s going to cope, so I’m covering all bases by taking everything I know he likes and enjoys to keep him occupied should he become fussy/bored/upset/ill/etc. I’ve spent a fortune buying all new toys too, as I figured if it’s something he’s never seen before it might provide a little more entertainment than his old things. I’ve also done this for the return flight, too!
  5. Nappies, wipes and nappy bags
    It goes without saying that when there’s a baby in tow, you have to take everything for every situation!
  6. Formula milk
    Owen hasn’t had formula milk for absolutely ages (We made the switch to cows milk months and months ago), but just in case we have a restless night or he doesn’t like the milk in Spain (you never know!) I’m also taking some formula milk for him too.

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  1. Spare change of clothes for Owen
    Never leave the house without one!
  2. Baby Snack foods
    As above, really. I tend to buy him fruit, mini chedders and raisins, as these are easy to carry and eat on the go.
  3. Calpol sachets
    I always keep a couple of these handy, in case he does become ill. I’m packing most of this in the suitcase, but I like to keep some on me just in case.
  4. Bunny comforter
    This is my go-to when Owen is ill or fussy. We have half a dozen of these in case we lose any, so I’ve decided to take a couple in case one gets dirty or lost! He tends to only have this when he’s tired, so I’m hoping there’s no real need for it.

There’s probably a lot more that I should take, but always forget, and those last minute additions just as I’m running out the door!

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