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I’m a big lover of beauty subscription boxes, but I always tend to go for makeup and skincare based boxes. I’ve never thought of going for one where you receive perfumes each month, so when I heard about Secret Scent Box I thought I’d give them a try.

In case you might not know, Secret Scent Box is a monthly subscription service that lets you try new designer and branded perfumes or colognes. Each month you get a 30 day supply of three fragrances, delivered onto your doorstep for £15.00 each month with free UK delivery. Each box is designed to last 30 days, and you can choose the samples you want to receive.

It’s a perfect ‘try before you buy’ situation. Perfumes are very expensive to buy, and as handy as it is smelling them in the shop sometimes they just don’t wear the way you want them too. Which is where this subscription service is perfect. You get the chance to wear each fragrance several times, where you can see how they smell on you, how they wear and whether they’re worth buying in the long run.

Each mini bottle comes with a handy spray function, which means they’re great to throw into your handbag for on the go touch-ups.

If you’re into your fragrances, like me, then this is great as a non-committed form of shopping. You can try all these fragrances for a fraction of the price, and can have a different one each month with no commitment necessary!

In my sample box I received Moschino Pink Bouquet, Prada La Femme and Juicy Couture Couture La La. You also come with a little card detailing the undertones and notes contained in the fragrance.

Moschino Pink Bouquet – This is a very fruity and floral perfume without being too sickly. When first spritzed it smells very strong, but after an hour wore away to nothing on me. I like it, but wouldn’t necessarily buy it.

Prada La Femme – An almost tropical scent, with a gorgeous floral undertone. Lasted incredibly long, smelt divine, so I would absolutely purchase the full size of this.

Juicy Couture Couture La La – Lovely and floral, with a slight musky undertone. Lasted quite a while on me, too, so would be worth the investment.

For the cost of each individual perfume, I’d be looking at over £150 and wouldn’t necessarily like all of them over time, whereas here I’ve only spent £15. If you are a little indecisive (like me!) and like to try lots of different perfumes (also like me!) then this is absolutely the subscription for you!

Love Gemma signoff


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