ToddleBike 2 Review*

As Owen is now 22 months, he’s at that very funny stage where he’s too old for ‘baby’ toys, yet too young for some of the traditional toddler toys. I’ve tried him with various cars and tricycles, but he’s still a little too small to maneuver them properly, until recently when I was sent a ToddleBike2 for him to have a play with!

A ToddleBike2 is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; a bike aimed at toddlers aged around 18 months, who can walk confidently but wouldn’t be able to handle a traditional balance bike. It comes in 3 colours and can be purchased through the Halfords website for £23.99.

When the package first turned up, I had no idea what I was expecting. It weighed next to nothing and I figured it might be made of some flimsy plastic material that wouldn’t last 5 minutes when Owen got hold of it (He’s very enthusiastic!), and I have to admit this isn’t something I would have considered buying if I’d have compared it to a more traditional tricycle or bike. At only 0.8KG, I would have naturally gravitated to something a little more weighty in favour of it lasting longer or being more durable for an over excited 22 month old! But whilst being extremely lightweight, flimsy it is not.

The frame itself is very durable despite its deceptive size, and the height wasn’t an issue in the slightest. In fact, it was the perfect size for him to sit comfortably on the saddle, reach the handlebars and push himself around. With the ToddleBike2 he could quite easily get himself on and off without being aided, and quite quickly learned to manipulate it around our furniture. And Boy, can this thing fly!

It was very durable under Owen’s sometimes heavy-handed touch; was able to withstand him pushing himself around on it, jumping up and down on the saddle, and even trying to climb on it at one point! It was also easy for him to maneuver around the house and garden patio without needing assistance, and can quite easily be used indoors and outdoors.

As the weather hasn’t been that great, Owen has spent quite a lot of time indoors playing on our wood floors, and the ToddleBike2 works perfectly. Its smaller frame and light weight material means it is just as easy to use as a real bike, but is quite unobtrusive in the smaller space we have available – Owen could quite easily negotiate around the sofa and dining room table!

It’s a great piece of kit for helping your little ones with their balance. Not only will it teach Owen how to use a bike properly, but it gives him a little more freedom and enjoyment when we play outside; he loves his tricycle but relies on me helping him get on and off, whereas with the ToddleBike2 he can come and go as he pleases.

When I took Owen to the park he wanted to bring his ToddleBike2 with us, but it’s always the way that I end up carrying most of his toys around – much to my own annoyance! The frame is very easy to carry around, and it wasn’t a hindrance to move from one location to another; in fact, in seems to handle most terrains equally well. Gravel paths, dirt tracks, even the grassy hills in our local park didn’t stop him!

And whilst he is very tall for his age, the fact he can sit with bent knees and both feet on the ground adds stability to his movements; there’s no worry of him overbalancing and coming off, or slipping off the saddle and banging his face. This will help aid him with his balance, and should hopefully make the transition to a pedal bike smoother.

Would I purchase this? Absolutely. Owen has had a lot of enjoyment from his ToddleBike2 since we received it, and that is the most important thing. Other tricycles are heavy and cumbersome, whereas this is very lightweight  and flexible in its movements. It’s easy to use and easy to handle, and perfect for Toddlers who are just starting to get to grips with the world around them.

And with a safe and happy baby comes a safe and happy Mum!

Love Gemma signoff

The ToddleBike2 was very kindly gifted to me by Jo Hockley, founder of ToddleBike. The ToddleBike2 can be purchased here for £23.99, including delivery.

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