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You know me – a sucker for palettes! I’ve got quite a few of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics collection (mainly eye shadow palettes), and I think that out of all the YouTube ‘Guru’ products that are brought out she has the best range.

I’ve been watching Tanya for around 5 years, and the makeup products she recommends I always seem to like, so I thought her palettes would be worth trying out. I have to admit, her earlier collections seemed a little ‘young’; the styling and packaging seemed very much like it was targeting younger audiences, but her later ranges definitely seem more mature.

I currently own 4 of her various collections; the My Paradise, Birthday Suit, Enchanted Dream and My Escape.


Birthday Suit
This must be one of her most popular ranges, as I struggled to get my hands on this at first! I love the rose gold/peach packaging, and despite feeling quite girly it still looks classy. One of the reasons I didn’t buy any of the earlier palettes was because they looked quite ‘young’, whereas this has a more luxury feel about it. It comes with 4 shades that can be used to create a more natural daytime look, or smoked out for night-time glam. As you can probably tell from the photo, this is one of my most used palettes!

Marzipan – A shimmer champagne colour. I tend to use this on the inner corner or brow bone, as it has a gorgeous highlighted effect when blended out.

Toast – A perfect mid-toned brown that I just love using in the crease. It’s rare that I find a suitable crease colour and have to go to my trusted Naked palettes, but this works perfectly! It’s also great for a daytime look when applied all over the lid and blended out; smoky without being too over the top.

Cocoa sugar – A deep caramel brown glitter shade. At first I was really keen to try this one out, but I have to say I was a little bit disappointed. It’s quite gritty and chalky, and has a lot of fallout when applied. I’ve found it’s a better when I use my finger to pat it on, but there’s next to no pigmentation when you use a brush. Such a shame.

Soft Truffle – A deep chocolate-brown matte shade. This looks gorgeous when used as a smoky eye; it adds real dimension against the other shades in this palette. There is a little fallout, but not as much as Cocoa sugar.

My Escape
This was one of this years summer releases, and I have to admit, I’m not too overwhelmed with this particular offering. I first saw it being used by Pixiewoo, which is what prompted me to purchase it in the first place, but I don’t find myself reaching for this one that often. I love the khaki colours, but they don’t really suit my eye or skin tone, so it tends to sit in the drawer unused.

New Perspective – This is a gorgeous shimmery cream shade that looks amazing in the inner corner. It’s quite pigmented both in a swatch and when applied with a brush, although there is a lot of fallout when you apply this so do remember to tap off any excess.

Wild Jungle – This shade looked gorgeous in the pan, but when applied to the lid is a lot different from what it appears. In the flesh it’s a gorgeous green-gold, but it loses a lot of clarity when applied to the lid. It can be built up to be more intense, but it does take a lot of working.

Tree Tops – A matte mid-toned khaki brown. This makes a refreshing change to the typical warm tones browns I tend to use, but I was so disappointed in the lack of pigment. It took far too long to build up any momentum from this colour, and didn’t actually look that great in the flesh.

Master Plan – Likewise, another gorgeous matte brown that failed to deliver. I don’t understand why this is; they swatch beautifully on the skin but just have no pigmentation when it comes to applying them on the lid.

My Paradise
This was also another summer release, but this one actually prefer and get a lot of use out of. I love the tropical feel to it; the embossed pineapple design on each pan adds a summery feel, and the Rose gold tones are everything I look for in an eyeshadow palette. They look great with a tan, and suit the summer months perfectly. My only gripe with this palette would be with how similar the 3 shimmer shades are; I don’t think that this palette needs 3 copper shades, but would have benefitted with a warmer matte brown as a transition shade instead.

Champagne Cocktail – A gorgeous peachy shimmer shade. Whilst this is a beautiful all over lid colour, it isn’t light enough as an inner corner highlight.

Tranquility – A slightly deeper rose copper shade. Again, another beautiful all over lid colour.

Miami Sunrise – A more traditional gold copper shade. Again, very similar to the other two. I actually prefer this to the others, and tend to use this one the most.

Hammock – A cool mid-toner dark brown. This is a perfect transition shade, and a nice contrast to those warmer copper tones.

Enchanted Dream
This is my favourite palette out of all the releases, because the purple tones shadows make my green eyes POP. I also think that the formula is the most consistent with this palette, and the shadows are a lot more pigmented than the other palettes I own. This is probably my most used out of the four, as I find it the easiest to work with.

Moonlit walk – A gold tinged champagne shade. This is a gorgeous inner corner or brow bone highlight.

Cocoa Plum – A purple toned brown shimmer shade. I love this all over the lid as a wash of colour. There is quite a bit of fall out with this one, but the colour is beautiful.

Berry Souflee – A matte pinkish taupe shade. Again, such a gorgeous colour to sweep all over the lid or as a crease colour.

Magic Carpet – A dark matte plum. Quite a lot of fallout from this shadow, but blends really well on the outer lid.

Generally speaking, these make a great little gift and look great in your collection. For the price point of £5.99, I don’t think you can beat value for money. Whether you are new and experimenting with makeup or a little more established, there really is something that will suit everyone’s skill set. Whilst not all the shadows and formulas are the best, they are fairly easy to work with and look great for the day or night-time. The packaging is sturdy enough to travel with, and the little heart-shaped mirror is a welcome addition. Well done Tanya!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics is available from Superdrug or FeelUnique. 


5 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Eye Shadow Palettes

  1. I love how original and cute her packaging is! I have her hollywood eyeshadow palette, which I like but the foil shade isn’t good at all (it’s quite gritty). The palettes would definitely step up a notch if there were more matte shades. But generally I think they are definitely worth it for the prize, they are so pretty x

  2. I have one of her eyeshadow palettes and I wasn’t too impressed with pigmentation of them. I prefer her brow palette and her lipglosses a lot more xx

    1. I haven’t tried her brow palette, but I tried the blush/contour/highlighter palette and quite liked that one x

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