Zoella ‘We’re on a Roll’ Roller-ball Perfumes

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Zoella’s beauty products. Like most people, I’ve seen her videos, but every time I’ve gone to sample her range there’s been nothing that’s really taken my interest.

When I watched her video detailing her latest Christmas range, again I thought how nice they looked, but were overpriced for what they were (£50 for THAT advent calendar?!?). When I saw this particular product, I went immediately to Superdrug’s website and purchased it immediately.

I bloody love roller-ball perfumes. I don’t know what it is about them, but I find them so handy to keep in my bag – far better than carrying a sample sized bottle. The only issue I have is that perfume companies don’t really make them like that. I tend to just stick to MAC’s Turquatic roller-ball, as it smells lovely and is pretty much the only company I know of that actively makes them still.

At £9 for 3 roller-ball fragrances, I thought that this was really great value for money. For something that I can throw into my handbag to use as and when I need it, it’s an ideal little set.

As expected, the packaging is gorgeous. Copper and grey is always an aesthetically pleasing colour combination, so it just works with the time of year. Inspired by Scandinavian prints; the snowy trees and winter patterns are enough to get you into the festive mood.

The bottles themselves are very pretty, although some may want to be careful with the glass bottles, especially if you plan on chucking them in the bottom of your bag!

The product dispenses really easily, and  the fragrances are pretty decent; they smell floral and sweet without being too sickly, and the newest fragrance for this range, Snowella, is very light and fresh. They don’t last that long, though. I get far more use from my MAC roller-ball which lasts forever than I would from this range.

All in all, this could make a fantastic little gift set for someone. It’s reasonably priced for what you receive, looks gorgeous and smells great. And I have to say, this product has impressed me. As I said previously none of Zoella’s previous ranges have really caught my eye, but I am glad this was my first purchase.

I really hope she releases similar products to this in the future, as I would definitely repurchase!

Love Gemma signoff

Zoella ‘We’re on a Roll’ can be purchased via the Superdrug website or in stores, for £9.00.

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