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It doesn’t feel like Christmas without an Advent Calendar. Welcome to Blogmas Day 2!

It’s traditional for me that, even at the age of 29, I must have an advent calendar each year. For a while I brought one for my husband too, but each year he used to inform me that its childish and he’s too old. I know, Bah Humbug, right?

This year, in order to avoid the inevitable disapproving looks, I thought I’d make him a home-made advent calendar instead. I have a record of coming up with quite creative and (if I say so myself) highly original gift ideas for Rob, so I knew this would be one I go all out on.

But what to do? After spending several hours trawling through Pinterest, I finally came up with my idea:

Rob’s Advent Calendar consists of a treasure hunt each day in order to find the gift. I brought 24 gifts in varying forms – some novelty, some more formal and useful – wrapped them all up individually, and then wrote a series of cryptic riddles.

I hung each riddle in its envelope up on some Christmas Bunting, and then make sure that I hide the gift before Rob tries to find it. It’s been a great bit of fun seeing him attempt to solve the riddle, but it’s also been great seeing him open up the novelty gifts. It’s definitely a great alternative to a traditional chocolate calendar!

There were so many ideal ways to do a DIY advent calendar that I couldn’t resist including a few of them here:

Photo Source: Morning Creativity

I love the simplicity of this one! You simply wrap brown packaging paper around toilet rolls and pop a little chocolate gift inside. This would be a good one for me to do in a few years times, when Owen would be old enough to help me decorate the cups.

DIY Advent Calendar Tutorial with paper Cups
Photo Source: Pretty Little Party Shop Blog

I love the bright coloured party cups used in this one, and it would make a great decoration hanging on my wall. This would be perfect for slightly bigger gifts, too.

december 009
Photo Source: Mindy Pitcher

This is absolutely the one I’m going to do next year! I think it would be a great way of counting down to Christmas, especially as Owen would be that little bit older and could help me open them. I can just imagine buying a few tins of Christmas Chocolates and filling some DIY crackers ready.

Photo Source: Martha Stewart

This is so adorable! I think this would be great if you plan on writing little heartfelt messages this time of year; maybe if you need a little pick-me-up, or want to brighten someone’s day, this would be the one for you!

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