My Favourite Christmas Memories

To me, Christmas seems to be the season that’s the most ensnaring to the senses. We all know how certain sights, sounds and smells can trigger memory, so it goes without saying that Christmas has some very fond childhood memories. Welcome to Blogmas Day 13!

We all have those fond memories from our childhood that make us think of past Christmases; whether it be circling the toys you wanted in the Argos Book or pinching the chocolates off the tree when your parents weren’t looking. Here are a few of my favourite Christmas memories…

Cookie Decorating with my sister
For the past few years we’ve had a tradition where we’ll bake some simple sugar cookies in festive shapes, then have a competition decorating them. My mom will then blind judge which cookie is decorated the best. Surprisingly enough, this is only something we’ve done as adults! I just love the competitive element to this; me and Sarah are both quite competitive, so things can get very serious!

Getting the Christmas decorations down from the loft
This particular memory is dictated by smell. The decorations and tree have a certain musty smell from being in the loft all year, but I used to love getting them down and sorting through the decorations that my Mom has had for years. I haven’t had this same experience since moving into my own home; I still get the decorations down each year, but it’s not the same as it was when I lived at home.

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New pajamas on Christmas Eve
I still do this even now at (almost!) 30, and I’ve made a point of getting Owen new pajamas too. There’s something incredibly special about opening up a present on Christmas Eve and having new pajamas to wear.

Barbie Dolls on Christmas Day
Me and my sisters used to be obsessed with Barbie, and you can guarantee that most Christmases we would all receive something to add to our ever-growing collection. One year we all had a Barbie Playhouse (joint gift) and another year my sister Laura received a Barbie horse (she was obsessed with horses). I used to like the collectible Barbies, and I remember Santa bringing me a Wizard of Oz Barbie – complete with Ruby Slippers!

One year when I was about 5, we had a Barbie that came with roller blades, and I remember passing it to my Mom and accidentally dropping it on Sarah’s head – she was only 1 at the time! We caught the whole thing on camera!

Christmas Day and Boxing day round my Nan and Grandad’s
I used to LOVE going to my Nan and Grandad’s over Christmas. My Nan used to make the best roast dinners, and it was the one thing I looked forward to the most. Since she passed away in 2011, we’ve gone to my Mom’s instead and whilst her Christmas Dinners are first class, they don’t quite match the one’s my Nan used to make.

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Cards at New Year
This is something we do every New Year without fail. We spend the evening playing board games and card games. With a few drinks flowing, things can get a little heated! One of my personal favourite games is Crazy Eight, where you have to pick up cards when someone plays a two and you don’t have one to match. As quite a few of us play we usually use two decks of cards, and you can guarantee that Rob always ends up having to pick up 12 or 14 cards!

Finding out about Santa
Another moment inadvertently caught on camera! I was 7 when I found out, and far too clever for my own good! It’s caught on camera when I said “Mom, Santa’s used the same wrapping paper you used to wrap up Nanny’s present!” Turns out, I’d watched my Mom wrap up all the family gifts, and then recognized the paper she’d used to wrap up our presents! She had to break the news to me gently later on in the day, but she learnt her lesson too – she always made sure to use a different wrapping paper in the future so my sisters didn’t cotton on too!

Leave your favourite Christmas memories in the comments!

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  1. Aww, this made me feel all warm and fuzzy! This is on my Blogmas to-do list, but my my blog on how my Christmas traditions have changed is scheduled to go live in ten minutes 😊. Sounds like you have lovely Christmases – hope this one is no different! xo

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