Christmas TV Picks 2017

The one thing I love about Christmas is all the catch up TV I get to watch. Welcome to Blogmas Day 14!

It was one of those staple things that used to happen in my family home over Christmas; my Mom would always buy the Christmas TV Guide and Radio Times, and me and my sisters would sit there with Sharpies, circling all the things we wanted to watch over the holidays. My mom used to buy a magazine for us and one for her, as we’d always ruin it before she’d get these!

A blurry view of Christmas lights on Pismo Beach Pier.

Saturday 23rd December

Mary Berry’s Christmas Party (11am, BBC1) – I think Mary Berry epitomizes Christmas Baking for me. There’s nothing I love better than watching her make various seasonal goodies, and then trying (and failing miserably) to replicate them later. I still use her Yule Log recipe every year, and I got it off one of these Christmas shows she does.

Cool Runnings (1.15pm, BBC1) – Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme! This brings back memories of watching this with my Dad as a child, so I feel quite fond of this film. It’s not really a Christmas film, but a good’en, none the less.

Sunday 24th December

Jack Frost (9.55am, ITV1) – I love Michael Keaton in this, and it’s always a nice reminder about the importance of family during the winter season. Even though I usually want to kill them at least once over the holiday period.

The Santa Clause (10.30, BBC1) – My Husband’s favourite Christmas film. Tim Allen as a grumpy replacement for Santa; what more could you want?

The Snowman/The Snowman and the Snowdog (5.20pm, Channel 4) – These are being shown back to back on Channel 4, so I’m going to try and get Owen to sit still and watch them. He’s not one for sitting still and watching TV – Ever – but I managed to get him to watch part of the Polar Express, so I’m thinking he might enjoy this. We’ll see…

Mary, Mel and Sue’s Big Christmas Thank You (7pm, BBC1) – The undisputed best things about The Great British Bake Off! I will absolutely be watching this purely for Mel and Sue.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Christmas Show (8.30pm, BBC1) – Always good for a laugh before the frantic rushing of Christmas Day.

Gogglebox (9.00pm, Channel 4) – I bloody love Gogglebox, so will definitely be recording this one!

Monday 25th December

Strictly Come Dancing (6.30pm, BBC1) – I love the glitz and glamour of Strictly, so I’ll probably record this to watch later.

The Great Christmas Bake Off (7.45pm, Channel 4) – Selasi’s back! And Val! I can’t wait to see this, as I can guarantee it’ll be hilarious with Noel Fielding. The second episode is on Boxing Day, so I’ll be tuning in to both at some point!

Tuesday 26th December

Back to the Future (6.00pm, Channel 4) – 1.21 Gigawatts! I love this film, and it gets better each time I see it. As Christmas/Boxing Day Daytime TV is notoriously bad, I have a feeling we’ll put this one on.

Little Women (8.00pm, BBC1) – I love the original 1949 film, so I really hope this series follows that and not the 1994 version. BBC do Television Dramas very well, so high hopes for this one.

The Minaturist (9.00pm, BBC1) – I finished this book recently and enjoyed it, so I’ll be watching to compare the two.

Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2017 (9.00, Channel 4) – I’ve watched this since it started back in 2004, and it has to be the highlight of Christmas TV for me. I loved the series when Russell Brand and Noel Fielding were on it, so here’s hoping one or both make an appearance.


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