Christmas Jumpers I want but won’t buy

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, this is the time of year when you can’t escape from ’em! Welcome to Blogmas Day 15!

As much as I like and appreciate a good Christmas jumper, I refuse to buy any more. I already have 3, and as much as I like wearing them, I wear them maybe twice a year and they sit in the wardrobe until the next time I need them. And they aren’t cheap, either!

Instead, I thought I’d make a ‘reverse wish list’: items I’d love to own, but refuse to buy. And where better to start than Christmas jumpers!

Image source: Marks & Spencer

Christmas Pudding Embellished Novelty Jumper (RRP £25.00, Marks & Spencer)
This is so festive, it’s ridiculous! I especially love the added sparkle!

Image source: Next

Lipsy Santa Squad Jumper (RRP £32.00, Next)
This looks very fluffy and cosy – perfect for winter time!

Image source: Next

Fashion Union Novelty Xmas Robin Jumper (RRP £20.00, Next)
I love jumpers like this as they aren’t too woolen and thick, but are still comfy.

Image source: Next

Fashion Union Novelty Ho Ho Ho Jumper (RRP £25.00, Next)
I can see this being the perfect jumper for Christmas Eve drinks!

Image source: New Look

Grey Gingle Bells Glitter Print Christmas Jumper (RRP £15.99, New Look)
Anything with a pun has my seal of approval!

Image source: Asda

Santa Paws Christmas Jumper (RRP £16.00, Asda) 
Another pun! I know my Husband would appreciate this one; he loves cats!

Love Gemma signoff


One thought on “Christmas Jumpers I want but won’t buy

  1. Oh these are too cute! Haha I would wear the Prosecco jumper. Aww the Christmas paws are adorable too. I have a hideous sweater I got for a party and that’s the only time I’ve worn it. Since the trendy ugly sweater fade has caught on they’re making $200 tacky suits for guys. Haha.

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