DIY Christmas Cards

Pinterest strikes again! I swear, all my best ideas come from Pinterest, especially Christmas related ideas. Welcome to Blogmas Day 17!

I made quite a few personalized Christmas Cards last year. Owen was only 11 months and it was our first Christmas with him, so I went a little mad! I just used his hands and feet to create little Christmas shapes, and sent them to everyone important.

Most of these are so simple to make. All you’ll need is a range of coloured card, loose glitter, and paints. You can make them a little more fancy with pom poms, stickers and confetti, but personally I find the simple ones the most effective.

It’s also a great way to spend an afternoon with your little one. Owen particularly loved having the paint applied, the paint brush tickled his hands and toes! A little word of warning, though; have plenty of water and towels nearby, and newspaper on the ground. You don’t want to be caught short running for any extra supplies – unless you like having paint all over your walls and floors!

Christmas Snowman
This was one that I made for Rob. I used a small canvas that I brought from Hobby Craft, and painted it blue and green to look like grass and the sky. Then, using Owen’s foot I painted it white, and stamped it onto the canvas once dry to look like a Snowman. I then sprinkled a little silver glitter on top of the Snowman so it looked like it was sparkling. Once dry, I painted on the extra details (nose, mouth, eyes, arms etc) and wrote my message underneath. Voila!

Rudolf Card
This was my favourite of the bunch! Onto a piece of folded card, I used brown paint on Owen’s foot to create Rudolph’s face. Then, mixing in a little black to make a slightly darker brown, I used his hands to create the antlers. Once dry, I painted on his eyes and added a red pom pom!

For this card, I used Owen’s feet upside down to create the Mistletoe, and then painted on the red ribbon once dry. For the Christmas Light Garland, I used his thumb prints to create the bulbs, and just drew on the string with a Sharpie later.

Christmas Tree
I painted on the wooden branches before hand to save time. Then, I used Owen’s finger prints to create the branches by dipping them into green paint and letting him run wild! Once dry, I added on a little glitter and some coloured pom poms for decorations. His little thumbs weren’t big enough for the star, so I used mine instead!

Holly Wreath
I drew the dark lines beforehand to look like the branches. Then using a mixture of green and red paint, I used Owen’s finger prints to create the leaves and berries. So simple to make, but so effective!

Don’t forget to send me your images on Twitter if you make any of these. I’d love to see them!

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