What I got for Christmas

Like most people I’m a little dubious about doing these posts for fear that it’ll be classed as bragging, but I actually love reading what other people got for Christmas and their birthdays.

This Christmas for me was more about giving. As Rob had a pretty crap last few months I wanted to make sure that he was spoiled for all the efforts he’s gone to with others, so I made a personalised advent calendar where he received a little something each day in December.

I also went all out for Owen as it was the first Christmas he actually understood what was going on. Last Christmas he was still too young to understand anything, and whilst he wasn’t 100% clued up on the whole thing, he was very much amused by the decorations and presents.

That being said, I was also extremely fortunate to receive some incredibly thoughtful gifts from my friends and family. I wasn’t expecting a lot as I’d made it very clear I’d rather they brought for Owen instead of me, but I was very touched by their generosity.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition
Rob has brought these for me for the past 2 years, so I had a sneaky suspicion he’d buy me one this year too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if you’re a Harry Potter fan you definitely need to get these books.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette
Rob saw me browsing makeup and asked if there was anything in particular I fancied, and I suggested one of these palettes. I really like the Sweet Peach palette that I had for my birthday, so I was keen on trying one of their chocolate bar palettes. He hasn’t got a clue what he’s actually brought, but I love the fact that he cares enough to ask me.

Funko Pop Dolls in Voldemort and Snape
Again, another sign that Rob knows me so well! I have a few of these – all brought by him – and now another two to further my collection.

Gucci Bamboo perfume
This was a gift from my Mom; she knows I love perfume, and get through quite a lot of it, so this particular offering is a very welcome addition to my ever-growing collection! I haven’t worn this yet as I don’t want to start a new perfume when I have a few on the go already, but it’s quite floral – perfect for Spring!

Bear Mugs
This was a gift from my youngest sister, Sarah. We both decided we weren’t going to buy proper gifts but instead give each other something more ‘novelty’. I brought her some Minnie Mouse slippers (She’s Disney obsessed) and she brought me a collection of these bear mugs. There’s a Mummy Bear one for me, a Daddy Bear one for Rob and a Baby Bear one for Owen. These are officially the cutest things I’ve seen!

The World Cup of Everything Book
I have a feeling I may have gone on about this far too often! I was very impassioned about the World Cup of Biscuits for Comic Relief (HOW did Jaffa Cakes not make it through?!?!) and ecstatic that Fairytale of New York won the World Cup of Christmas Songs (although very disappointed that Slade and Chris Rea never made it any further!), so I’m rather chuffed that I’ve got the book to continue the fun.

Nomination Charm Bracelet
This was another gift off my parents. I’m not one for jewellery, but my mom and sisters have been sporting these for a while and decided to get me one. I think this actually might be my favourite gift this year. My bracelet came with a baby footprint link, and I’ve already purchased a little graduation cap to add to it. There are so many pretty charms to choose from, but I’m planning on getting charms that mark all the milestones in my life (2 graduations, wedding day, birth of Owen, buying our first house etc).

Let me know in the comments what lovely gifts you received this year!

Love Gemma signoff


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