My Week in Numbers: 12th – 18th January

I’ve seen this quite a few times, and I find it completely fascinating how ‘little things’ add up over time. I thought I’d keep a tally of what I get up to each week, and how much time I devote to my daily tasks and habits.

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Cups of coffee drunk: 17

Pounds lost: 3 and a half.

Time spent blogging: 3 hours 40 minutes

Text messages sent: 134

Times I read ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’: 9

Episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ watched: 5

Blog posts written: 3

Hours spent at work: 39 (4 days a week)

Miles traveled in car: 322

Phone conversations with my Mom/Sister: 4

Steps taken: 39,423 (Courtesy of my Fitbit Alta!)

Books finished: 2

Birthdays celebrated: 1


This week is my second week back at work after Christmas, and already it feels like I need another holiday! I always find the winter months the hardest, as I’m waking up in the dark, starting work in the dark and eventually going home in the dark. It’s just hard to get motivated for anything when you spend most of what little daylight we have indoors.

It’s also incredibly busy, as Year 11 are gearing up for their English exams, and there is just so much content to cover in such a short period of time to prepare them. Stressful!

Blog-wise, I’ve been working hard to stay ahead of schedule, and make sure that I take plenty of photos in bulk so I have a few to fall back on when times get busy. It’s been hard with the weather being so crap and poor lighting making things difficult (#bloggerproblems), but we bloggers make do!


I’ve been so much more organised with my blog this year, which makes it a lot easier to plan content in advance, allowing myself plenty of time to write it too. Trying to juggle a full-time job, family and blog is hard, but I somehow make it work the best I can.

We also celebrated Owen’s 2nd Birthday on Saturday 13th too! I absolutely CANNOT BELIEVE that he is 2 years old! It is a massive cliché to say, but WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!?! It feels like yesterday since he was born, and I cannot catch my breath at the little boy he’s become. He is so cheeky and curious and adorable all in one; it amazes me at how much I love him, and how much fun and enjoyment he’s brought me in such a short space of time. We’re planning to start potty training him now, and I’m dreading it!

Other than that, nothing of any interest has happened to me! How has your week been?

Love Gemma signoff


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