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Now that 2017 is well and truly over, it’s safe to assume that you’ve caught up on all the best TV offered, and are ready to move onto 2018’s offerings? No, me neither. This is why January is perfect for cosy nights in; the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year is out the way, the nights are cold and wet, and everyone is still skint from December’s indulgences.

And what way could be better than curling up with loved ones in front of the TV with plenty of snacks and a cosy blanket, and watching all the TV you missed over the previous year? Me and Rob love nothing better than putting on a good film or binge watching a recommended TV show; the Panasonic HDR TV is great for all types of entertainment. Not only do you get an amazingly vivid picture and striking sound (Rob’s words, not mine!), but I get to ogle over Chris Pratt or Cillian Murphy. We’re both winners in this situation.

The Panasonic HDR TV comes with an incredibly sleek design that’s perfect for any room. Created and designed with Hollywood in mind, it’s perfect at providing you with the best cinematic experience possible – without even leaving the comfort of your own home!

Rob absolutely loves a good Sci-fi or Schwarzenegger film (yawn!), whereas I tend to go more for the chick flicks or psychological thrillers (There really is no in-between!). Together, we’ve just finished Season 2 of Stranger Things, and I’m ready to start Season 2 of the Crown.

What I absolutely love watching are shows with strong female leads that embody everything a woman should be. I’d like to share some of the most iconic female characters from Film and TV that I look up to, and have helped pave the way for women everywhere.


Hermione Grainger – She made it cool to be brainy and despite the ridicule she faced, didn’t lose her empathy, integrity or resolution for goodness and equality. She didn’t change herself to fit in with others, and certainly didn’t hide her intelligence. She made it OK to be the smartest person in the room, and became a symbol of leadership for so many girls.
Erin Brockovich – A single mom who leads a lawsuit against a multi million dollar corporation. And wins. All without a single iota of legal training or experience. An absolute boss and real lesson about the kindness and compassion of humanity.
Miranda Priestly – Inspired a love of fashion and a fear of her. Her withering looks and put downs had everyone quaking in their Manolo’s, but she did it with a fierce passion that could not be faulted.
Katniss Everdeen – Sacrificed her own well-being to save her sister, her family, her friends, and stood up for what she believed in. She fought back against the Capitol to ensure equal rights and treatment, losing everything along the way. A true self-sacrificing hero.
Elle Woods – There’s a reason why she’s so iconic: she IS a stereotype and loves being one. She loves who she is, but still proves that she can be successful and confident and intelligent regardless of how others perceive her. She sets out to be a lawyer, and she becomes a damn good one; proving to everyone that you can be yourself and have everything you want – no limitations.


Brienne of Tarth – In Game of Thrones there are a number of characters – namely female – that completely subvert these roles and consistently prove their strengths against men. Brienne of Tarth is one; in a profession that is dominated by masculinity, she proves her worth as a fighter, a soldier and a confidante, but also as a woman. In her own words: “All my life men like you have sneered at me. And all my life I’ve been knocking men like you into the dust.”
Buffy Summers – Whether it be more physical or intellectual, she used her strengths both physically and metaphorically to fight the powers of evil. I chose Buffy because she was flawed; she was overly consumed by the opinions of others, and could be cold and callous at times. But in spite of all this she was strong, clever and loving. She was so complex in her creation that she became more real than any other character in the show, and proved that goodness doesn’t always mean perfection. She saved the world: A lot.
Olivia Pope – She knows what she wants from everyone and everything, and will not stop until she achieves it. She inspires everyone, demanded respect and in turn demonstrated loyalty and compassion. She is a true Gladiator.
Elle ‘Eleven’ – Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven subverts every sexist stereotype in sci-fi and horror films, but does whilst still remaining true to herself. She saves the day, she strives for knowledge, and she wants a normal life. She is arguably the best female character on this list.
Blair Waldorf – Blair was not perfect at all. She had so many flaws; was unkind, and selfish, and at times downright loathsome. She constantly tore down women in her quest to be ‘Queen B’. But there were moments when she was vulnerable and sensitive, and it’s those moments why she’s made my list. Blair herself said “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.” She knew what she wanted, and wouldn’t stop until she had it. And to me, that’s a quality that should be admired.
Daenerys Targaryan – It’s not everyday you get to travel on dragons and lay claim to a throne! Daenerys doesn’t let anyone change her focus or take away from her drive to be Queen. Her fierceness and passion set thousands free in the process, and she trusts her own instincts rather than what others tell he she should be. Iconic.

There is no better was to watch these ladies lead than through the big screen. Whether they used their ‘powers’ for good or for bad, these characters are mere highlights of how film and TV has depicted REAL women. Determined women and vulnerable women, intelligent women and confident women. So turn down the lights and turn up the volume.

Who run the world? GIRLS.

Love Gemma signoff

This post is a paid for collaboration with Panasonic for their HDR TV. All opinions, however, remain my own. More information can be found via their website.

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