Meet my February Advertisers!

This is another first on Hidden Little Gem, as I welcome monthly advertising to my blog! I’ve been very lucky to have worked with a number of different bloggers and their advertising services, so I’m really looking forward to doing the same with a whole host of lovelies here!


I’ve got quite a bit lined up for February; it’s half term so I’m planning on doing a lot with Owen. I’ve got a few day trips lined up with him, and my mom and sister (who are also on half term) will probably feature there somewhere! I’ve also got some exciting blog opportunities to complete, so no doubt I’ll be busy that week!

I’ve also got a baby shower and several of Owen’s friends birthday parties, so it’ll be a good chance to catch up with some friends whilst our little lovelies play together.

How are your February’s shaping up?

 – Emerald Advertiser –

Meet my very first Emerald Advertiser! Alicia blogs about all things lifestyle, from growing a successful Instagram account to her thoughts and experiences with bullying. I especially love her reflective blog posts like her post on being successful; she’s great at giving small but manageable tips to help you with personal growth, without feeling too overwhelmed or daunted by big changes.

In her own words: I’m a 21-year-old animal lover and lifestyle blogger from the south of England. I like to blog about topics such as self-help, social activism, blogging tips as well as general lifestyle; I became a blogger to share my passion with others and to create more social awareness around certain issues. I’m also a binge-watcher of several Netflix series and a lover of all things sweet.

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And those are my monthly advertisers! Packages start from just £2 so if you’d like to be next month’s advertiser, please email me to get your booking in!

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