How to: Pinterest Ombre Nails

Pinterest strikes again! I have so many boards on Pinterest its unreal; the board I started when I was planning my wedding, Living Room inspiration, Harry Potter, Makeup looks…you name it, I’ve got one!

One of the boards I regularly add to is nail designs. I have this horrible habit of biting the skin around my thumbs, but I’ve found that when my nails are painted and I’ve made a bit of an effort with them, I tend to stop picking at my thumbs and they get a lot better.

Because of this, I make a regular effort to do my nails. I don’t pay to get them done; instead, a few years ago I invested in a UV lamp and gel polishes, and do my own instead. It’s a real cost-effective way of keeping my nails nice, and despite it being a little rough around the edges at first, I’ve gotten quite good at giving myself a gel polish manicure.

I like experimenting with different colours and designs, so my Pinterest board contains a large number of pins with various colours and styles that I use for inspiration. That’s where I came across this idea of ombre nails.

The way you achieve this effect is simple; you first paint your nails in the base colour and allow it to dry. Then, you take a second colour and paint a little onto the bottom of a sponge, and blend it in with a little of the first colour. I use a cocktail stick to ensure they’re mixed a little at the join, so you don’t get a straight line.

I then sponge the nail varnish onto my nails, making sure you get that ombre effect about half way.

It took a bit of practice at first; I found that I wasn’t always getting an ombre effect, but instead more of a two-tone look, but with practice I found that you need to blend the two colours onto the sponge really well to soften that join.

It’s a really pretty effect, especially when you use colours that compliment one another. I’ve used orange and pinks to get a summery effect, whilst two shade variations of the same colour looks really professional and classy.

I also did this over the Christmas period with red polish and gold glitter, which I applied just to the base of the nail. It added a really festive sparkle to a classic look, and I has so many compliments!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this, and what colour combinations you’d recommend!

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6 thoughts on “How to: Pinterest Ombre Nails

  1. I love the idea of ombre nails! so so pretty ! i haven’t done my nails in ages! could defo do that! xx corinne

  2. I absolutely love how creative you’ve been here, Gemma! The oranges and pinks you’ve used for the second set of nails really do complement each other perfectly! It is fantastic that you found such a positive way of avoiding picking your thumbs as well, nail painting is so therapeutic, I wish I was more skilled at it myself!

    Abbey x

  3. Love the blue colours you used in this post – that is so pretty. When I was younger I remember biting my nails and always wanted to have long pretty nails so I painted them and it helped me stop!


  4. Pinterest is amazing, it’s so fun when you find stuff and can do it too! You did a beautiful job! I think the blue ombré is my fave, it so subtle and the colors work so well together. The last ombré I did wasn’t so cute 😂😂 thanks for sharing!

    xx Lena |

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