The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

I posted a while ago about a few bits that I’d brought from Cult Beauty to test out, mainly from The Ordinary. I’ve been using them non-stop, and I have to say I’ve been really impressed. The first thing that I’ve finished using was the High Spreadability Fluid Primer.

I’ve spoken a number of times about the fact that I religiously use a Primer to help the longevity of my foundation. As I have combination oily skin, I personally find that this is a must if I want my makeup to last all day looking relatively shine free and pore-less.

The Ordinary Primer uses advanced adaptive silicones to mattify and hydrate skin, as well as blurring any imperfections. This can also be used alone as a standalone ‘moisturiser’ to keep skin hydrated and to help even out skin tone. I haven’t used it on its own so wouldn’t be able to comment on this, but as a Primer it does a great job.

Firstly, packaging. It comes in a standard clear plastic bottle with a white rubber pipette to dispense the product. It’s a little more clinical looking than other primers, but the no fuss attitude means it’s secure and fuss free – perfect to store easily and travel with if needed.

The product itself is slightly opaque; it has an almost gel like consistency rather than normal cream based products, and is rather runny. You can definitely tell upon application that it contains silicone; it makes your skin feel like velvet and noticeably smoother and ‘blurred’. It dries exceptionally quickly, too; I don’t know if I was expecting it to be a little more tacky and sticky, but it literally melts into the skin like water. A little goes a long way due to this, so you only need a couple of drops from the pipette to cover your whole face.

I found that my makeup applied really well over the top; I tried with both my usual beauty blender and a buffing brush, and didn’t really notice any difference in the application. My foundation adhered really well to it, and there was no balling up of product. You can definitely notice a difference in the pores; my skin did look noticeably blurred, especially across my forehead and on my cheeks around my eyes and nose (where my pores are most noticeable).

As for the wear and longevity, predominantly this did hold well. I always get a little shiny around my nose and on my forehead, but my foundation stayed fresh looking and the oil was kept to a minimum. I also found that it lasted well, and there was minimal fading across my forehead and around my nostrils, which is usually where my foundation fades from first.

I can’t say how dry skin types would get on with this, as it does dry rather matte, but I definitely feel like my makeup has benefitted with use.

Would I repurchase? Definitely! At £5.50 I can’t think of anything on the High Street that has worked as well for a price so cheap! I’d also love to try their High Adherence Primer too!


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