Mother’s Select Lil Gummies chewable multivitamins for children*

Believe it or not, supplements are a big part of my family’s day-to-day life. Rob religiously takes Cod Liver Oil capsules every morning, and since I was young I’ve taken a variety of multi vitamins.

You’re told that with young children you should give them vitamins in order to supplement any deficiencies in their diet. Research shows that even with a well-balanced diet, our bodies still don’t have the nutrients needed to function and stay healthy.

But I find multivitamins so confusing, and sometimes I have more questions unanswered than answered: are there unhealthy vitamins? How much should the vitamins supplement? Which ones are the best? Does he even need them?!

That being said, trying to find something that Owen will take has been hard. He refuses to have any liquidised form from a spoon, and the tablets are too chalky for his taste buds to stomach. I’ve resorted to buying the chewable Gummies, as like any child the thought of sweets outweighs any taste dislikes.

When Mother’s Select approached me to do a review of their products, I jumped at the chance. I’ve currently been using the Nature’s Way Alive! Children’s chewable multivitamin tablets, costing £8.99 from Holland & Barrett. Taking 1 daily this tub was lasting roughly a month, which does work out pricey over time. I’m always on the lookout for products that Owen will actually take as well as being good for his body, but ideally are cost efficient.

When you compare the ingredients from both products, there’s actually very little difference in quality. Mother’s Select does have marginally a little more Folic Acid and Vitamin D than Nature’s Way Alive!, but the ingredients list looks essentially the same. Both products don’t use artificial flavourings or preservatives in order to optimize the nutritional value, whilst both products use fruit juice in order to add flavour and colour. Mother’s Select uses elderberry juice which is an amazing immune booster, whilst Nature’s Way Alive! uses summer berries which have great antioxidant abilities.

You’re always going to see fructose or glucose listed in the ingredients for most gummy vitamins, but as long as the amount per product is under 4g per serving, you’re ok. With Mother’s Select, you only have 2g per serving (2 Gummies)

Make or break time! Owen wouldn’t specifically tell me if he liked them, but you’d know for definite if he hated something! The question is: did I have to fight him to take them? No, I didn’t. He willingly ate them like they were sweets, and even points to the bottle on the kitchen worktop as a reminder to me if I haven’t given him any that day. As I said earlier, I’ve had to wrestle him to take other multivitamins in other forms, so the fact he enjoys them is a winner in my book!

Mother’s Select Lil Gummies come with 90 Bears each bottle, which at 2 a day would last us roughly a month and a half to two months (This is assuming I remember to give him 2 each day). Pricing in at $15.90 (roughly £11.50) they are more expensive than the Nature’s Way Alive! per month, but you do get a lot more product for your money. I know that when buying Mother’s Select you’re buying a product that offers all natural ingredients, which is something I totally support. I try to tell myself that when I buy skin care it’s worth spending more for a quality product, and my son’s health should be no exception. Make sure you shop smart and research prices online, and weigh up whether you can price match or buy in bulk to save money.

The Lil Gummies were kindly gifted to me by Mother’s Select, who provided a 3 month supply in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain my own.

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