Flexitol Hand and Foot creams*

Even though we’re supposed to be edging closer to Spring, it seems Winter isn’t ready to relinquish its hold yet. And the one thing that takes a real battering when the temperatures reach sub zero is my skin.

Like most women, I tend to suffer with dry cracked heels. As someone who spends the majority of the day on my feet, it can be painful to treat and unsightly to look at. And whilst I’m good at moisturising and taking care of my skin, the places I tend to neglect are my hands and feet. It seems that I’ve picked up a cursed gene somewhere down the line, because my mom suffers with the same problem on her feet as did my Nan before her.

Over the years I’ve tried a number of different products to try to soften and repair the skin; sometimes successfully, sometimes not. And I’ll try just about anything in order to repair the skin and get soft, crack-free feet I’m not embarrassed to show off in sandals.

When I was contacted by Flexitol about their selection of hand and foot creams, I was pleased to see the quality and success of their ranges. And whilst they might not win any awards for packaging (it does appear quite clinical) they certainly will for effectiveness.

The reason why Flexitol have such a good reputation is because they use synthetic urea in their products: it increases the skins natural renewal process, removes dead, over-dry skin cells, and exfoliates and hydrates new skin whilst eliminating the chance for future cracks and fissures to appear.

As the NHS’s number 1 prescribed heel balm I was expecting big things, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Heel Balm is an honest-to-God wonder product. It was incredibly moisturising and provided instant relief when applied. It had a cooling effect that was particularly soothing after a long day, and meant that my aching feet were left hydrated and super soft. I tended to use this directly out of the shower first thing in the morning, and if my heels were particularly bad I’d lather some on before bed and pop on a pair of socks to let it sink in overnight.

I’m definitely the worst when it comes to nail care, and my cuticles are left neglected. So the Cuticle and Nail Cream have been amazing at encouraging me to take better care of my hands. It instantly moisturised my hands and nails, sinking into the skin immediately and leaving them soft without any greasy residue. It’s also meant that I haven’t picked at the skin around my nails (a horrible habit of mine!) and my cuticles are thanking me for it! I hate having greasy hands after applying a moisturiser and I find that the little brush tip is perfect at applying the cream to target areas without having greasy skin afterwards – no mess, no fuss! I tend to apply this before bed, and when I paint my nails to soften the skin.

Whilst they might not be the most glamorous of products, Flexitol are definitely the kind you want to keep in your bathroom cabinet for emergencies. Not only are they easily attainable from your local High Street, but they’re affordable and effective. I would highly recommend checking out their range in preparation for Spring and Summer.

This review was written in collaboration with Flexitol, who provided products for my consideration. All opinions remain my own.


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