Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash*

I was contacted last month about joining the Wishtrend Affiliate Programme; a website that deals with Korean beauty, makeup and skin care products. I’ve brought a number of Korean beauty products before (namely sheet masks, not gonna lie) and have been really impressed with the quality, so was interested to see what other products were available too. 

Prior to this I hadn’t heard of Wishtrend as a company before. They sell a lot of their own brand products, as well as other popular Korean brands. Products are high quality and affordable, and deal with beneficial ingredients highly rated by customers.

I was very kindly gifted their Green Tea & Enzyme powder wash to try, based on my oily combination skin type. This a low irritation cleanser that hydrates skin and control blackheads, without tugging and pulling on the skin. With ingredients such as baking soda, coconut powder and enzymes, and the antioxidant effect of Green Tea, this helps control breakouts and redness as well as clearing and healing skin damage from acne.

Powder enzyme washes are also on trend right now! More suited to sensitive skin as opposed to more abrasive scrubs, they work on the premise of active enzymes breaking down and buffing away dead skin cells whilst you cleanse your skin as part of your skin care routine.  When you buy any liquid, foam or gel face wash the first ingredient usually listed is water. Because powder washes contain no water, they are usually more concentrated formulas than their liquid counterparts, which means they last a lot longer.

You are supposed to apply them to a damp face, as when it comes into contact with water is develops a low foaming lather depending on the ratio of powder-to-water. For a grittier texture increase the powder, whereas for something a lot smoother just increase the water. Simple as that.

The packaging is a pale green plastic, with a flip-top plastic lid. It feels very sturdy and would be an ideal size to travel with. The powder itself is a pale matcha colour, with a faint Green Tea scent, but nothing too overwhelming.

This also foams up nicely, but not too much. I’m not a fan of foaming cleansers usually (honestly don’t see the point!) so the fact that this is more of a liquid cleanser suits me nicely. I did two different mixes to show you; one with more powder and another with more liquid, but in both instances it doesn’t go lumpy when mixing the way that my Indian Clay Mask usually does.

I didn’t feel any stinging or irritation when I applied it although I use acids on my skin fairly frequently, so I would recommend trying a skin test first. After removing it my skin felt smooth and moisturized without feeling overly dry or tight, which sometimes too harsh a cleanser can do. I’m not sure if this is because the ingredients are slightly milder than other foaming cleansers I’ve used, but I quite like that my skin felt clean without feeling overly ‘scrubbed’.

If you’d like to try this, or any other of Wishtrend’s products – click here. You can also save $5.00 off your purchases by using my referral ID HiddenLittleGem. Also check your emails when you order anything, as they frequently have discount codes and free shipping codes for you to use! Wishtrend also ship globally, and you can get free shipping on orders over $69.00.

Enjoy shopping!

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NOTE: This is a collaboration with Wishtrend, for which I was was gifted products for my consideration. This page also contains affiliate links to Wishtrend, which means I receive a percentage of the revenue based on purchases made through this link. All opinions, however, remain my own.

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