Worth the Hype? Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

At the tail end of last year it seems like every blogger and her dog had this somewhere in the bathroom cabinet. And during a cheeky Beauty Bay order last summer I needed to get the postage up for free delivery (don’t we all?) so whilst browsing their skin care I added it to cart.

This cult product has fast become a staple product in any makeup artist or models makeup bag, and even though I’ve heard a LOT of mixed reviews about it, I’m a firm believed that it’s worth trying something a few times in order to see it in action before you make a decision.

I have to admit I’m one of those people who doesn’t really suffer with breakouts; never have done. I was just lucky enough to get the odd spot here and there, but I know my sister still does suffer tremendously with breakouts, as does my husband on occasion.

This works through a dual-layered solution; you dip a cotton bud through the clear solution into the pink sediment at the bottom (DON’T shake them up!), and then dab it onto the affected areas, and you’re good to go.

Containing ingredients like zinc oxide, salicylic acid and calamine (commonly used with chicken pox), they work together to ‘dry out’ the spot and heal the surrounding area. It does leave a powdery residue, so it’s best to apply it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

It does sting a little bit, not going to lie. If you’ve got an open sore I wouldn’t recommend using it, and those of you with sensitive skin may want to do a skin test before applying it to your face, because it does contain some strong ingredients.

On the rare occasion that I have an unwanted friend appear on my face, I simply apply it and wait. It definitely reduces that amount of time it takes a spot to go dramatically, it definitely clears up any redness or inflammation. I also find that it works at preventing breakouts too; if I feel a spot under the skin that looks like it’s about to rear I dab some of this onto the area and it prevents it from coming up.

It isn’t a preventer of spots though; in order to tackle the root cause you may need to look elsewhere, but as a ‘quick fix’ kind of product this is the one for you. If you suffer from regular breakouts or cystic acne then I don’t know how this would fare either; it’s great for random breakouts, but if you suffer with more severe forms you may need something a little more long-term.

Is it worth it? For £16 it is an eye-wateringly expensive product, but you can’t deny it works. It’s a useful product to keep around for any random breakouts that might occur the night before a wedding, or through work stresses, and it is something I reach for religiously whenever the need occurs.

I haven’t tried their other acne ranges, but again there are some really promising products available for different skin conditions.


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