World Book Night Top Picks 2018

World Book Night is the National celebration of reading that takes place on 23rd April each year. Aimed at those who don’t regularly read, books are given out to various organisations, including prisons, libraries, hospitals, care homes and homeless shelters, as well as passionate people who give out books within their local community.

Colour me one of those passionate people. I’ve spoken numerous times at length of how much I love reading, so I get genuinely excited on days like this when I get to promote that love of reading.

Whilst World Book Day is for children, World Book Night is aimed at adults. Taking place on the UNESCO International Day of the Book, and the birth and death day of Shakespeare, its sole purpose it to encourage more adults to read.

I’ve picked the books I most fancy reading from this years list, as well as a couple I’ve already read and enjoyed. You can check out the full list of books on this year’s list here:


Elizabeth is missing, by Emma Healy
I finished this book recently and already wrote a review here, so I would absolutely recommend this one! I love murder mystery thrillers any way and found this one particularly compelling, especially as it deals with the very real struggle of ageing and dementia. In Maud you have a delightfully honest and engaging story-teller, and Emma Healy’s writing style is both humorous and poignant. Loved it.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill
I read this a few years ago whilst on my Honeymoon, and have to say I preferred it to the film which I’d seen previously. I don’t read many ghost stories usually, but this one kept me on the edge of my seat and thinking about it long after I’d finished the book and moved onto something new. It is different to the film, and I loved the slow reveal of information leading up to the main event. It felt like a proper Victorian ghost story; a highly enjoyable and atmospheric read.

To read

One of us is lying by Karen McManus
I actually brought this in a book haul I did in January, chosen because I liked the subtle crossover between Pretty Little Liars and The Breakfast Club. During a detention, the local school gossip ends up dead 24 hours before he plans on revealing the deepest secrets of the other four detainees. Investigators conclude it wasn’t an accident, and there can only be four possible suspects… sounds right up my street!

You don’t know me, by Imhran Mahmood
In the closing speeches of his defence trial, an unnamed defendant accused of murder sacks his lawyer and says that if he’s going down for murder, he’ll go down telling the truth. A truth he was told to keep quiet. He then proceeds to talk through the eight pieces of evidence against him, and we as a member of the jury have to remain impartial until the end to see if he really is innocent.

One of my favourite films is Twelve Angry Men as I love courtroom dramas, so I am massively excited to buy and read this. I especially love books that keep you on tenterhooks until the end, so I have a feeling that there’ll be a big reveal you don’t see coming.

The Detectives Daughter, by Leslie Thomson
After a woman is murdered down by the river, her husband leaves town under suspicious circumstances and her son moves to a boarding school. Detective Inspector Darnell tries to solve it, but eventually the case lays forgotten and unsolved. Thirty years later, his daughter Stella is sorting through old files in his house after his death, and stumbles across the old case file. Instead of binning it, she begins reading and takes on the murder case he couldn’t solve.

I love crime thrillers, and this sounds like something both me and my mom will enjoy.

And those are my top picks! I’d highly recommend checking out the complete list here, and definitely try to get involved in some way; that love of reading is something so equally wonderful and precious, it definitely needs to be celebrated.

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home” – Anna Quindlen


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