I’ve got my eye on … Pin Badges*

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, pin badges are everywhere lately. They’re the perfect accessory to customise any jacket, bag…pretty much anything you have lying around!

The best thing about them, though, is the fact that they really don’t cost that much at all, and add a little pop of colour or quirkiness to any look.

I was contacted recently by Old English Company to take a look at their selection of pins. They make a variety of pin badges, amongst stationary, mugs, kitchen accessories and home wear, all of it hand crafted in England.

Without even intending to, I’ve amassed quite a pin badge collection from various stationary and book subscription boxes I’ve tried, but I’ve never really put them to good use.

I have a few on my work lanyard, and an old denim jacket I’ve not really known what to do with, but lately I’ve become obsessed with these little pins, and have looked all round for my favourites.

Inspired by Life is Better in Colour, I’ve decided to start expanding my collection one pin at a time, in my very own #paydaypin. Each month I’m going to buy my pick of the best badges, to make sure my collection stays special and … well … manageable!!

I’m also going to make sure I only buy from small businesses and websites; there are TONS of beautiful and bespoke badges around – why not support a small business too?!?

Here are a few of my picks for this month, and the next:

Mama Bear oval enamel pin (The Old English co., £7.00) In order to commemorate my announcement that we are expecting our second baby, my pin badge purchase this month is going to be this gorgeous pink and gold ‘Mamma bear’ badge.

Coffee, then the world enamel pin (The Old English co., £7.00) As a self-confessed coffee addict this is more than true! When I’ve got a lot of work to do, coffee is the only thing I need to keep me productive! Does anyone else feel like they can do anything with a cup of coffee? I’ve got s very busy June ahead of me, so this one might be a good one to get next month!

Owl always love you enamel badge (The Old English co., £7.00) I love a good pun! This also reminds me of Harry Potter and Hedwig (of who’s death I am not yet over!) so it is inevitable I’ll be buying this one too! As May is the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, this one would be ideal this month

As it happens, The Old English Co. are having a little competition to celebrate the launch of their latest range. If you’re looking to start a little pin badge collection, you could win their newest pins simply by emailing your favourite pin from their entire range. Easy peasy!

This post is written in collaboration with The Old English Co., for which I was compensated. All opinions remain my own. Check out their entire pin range here!

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