This or That? TAG

Another good ol’ tag post! I’ve seen this one doing the rounds in various blogs I follow, so I thought I’d give it a go!

Cookies or cake?


Cat or dog?

Dog, although I have two cats who are very much like dogs!

Computer games or video games?

Computer games.

Pop music or Rock music?

Both – I genuinely listen to everything.

Stuffed animals or dolls?

Stuffed animals.

Pancakes or waffles?


Hot chocolate or coffee?


Morning or evening?

I’m definitely more of a morning person.

Day or night?

Day, I suppose.

Text message or call?

Text message.

Library or museums?

Library, for sure.

French or Spanish?

French sounds sexier.

Summer or winter?

Summer. I’m definitely more a fan of the heat than the cold!

Theatre or cinema?

Both; I love going to the theatre but I go to the cinema more frequently.

Love or money?


Book or movie?


Tea or coffee?


Painting or drawing?

As I can’t do either, I’d be pretty chuffed with either one!

Reading or writing?

Love both, but I’d be absolutely gutted if I couldn’t read.

Singing or dancing?

Dancing, but I do both when I’ve had a drink.

Brown or black hair?

Brown hair is so sexy!

£1,000,000 in your bank account or an IQ of 145+?

Definitely £1,000,000 in the Bank; I’m quite happy with my intelligence level the way it is.

A life full of ups and downs or a monotonous life?

A life full of ups and downs; it makes the successes more worthwhile that way.

A live-in massage therapist or a live-in chef?

A life in chef; as much as I like cooking I don’t get time and run out of ideas!

A million Instagram followers or £100,000?

Probably the Instagram followers; I’m sure I can make some extra cash that way!

A month without your car or a month without the internet?

A month without my car – think of the exercise I’d get done!

A successful career or a happy family life?

A happy family life.

Attend Hogwarts or Ilvermorny?

There is only one answer here.

Be 6 inches taller or $600k richer?

6 inches taller.

I’m not tagging anyone, so feel free to steal and use as you wish!


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