How I’m styling espadrille sandals this summer | AD

With the colossal heatwave we’ve been having the last few weeks, it’s been a perfect opportunity to bust out the summer clothes and shoes because – let’s face it – there isn’t always the biggest window of opportunity weather-wise in England!!

I was lucky enough to be gifted this wonderful pair of heeled wedge espadrilles earlier on this month by Lunar Shoes, an online shoe company that specialise in sandals.

I absolutely love wedge shoes in summer. As someone who spends a lot of time on my feet at work and running after a two year old at home, it’s essential that I stay comfy and safe – sky high heels just aren’t the most practical of purchases!

I love the versatility of wedges; they look casual enough for a summer stroll around the shops or park, but can be dressed up enough for a night out, and straight back to professional for the next working day.

I’ve never tried the lace up variety before, so I was excited and intrigued to see how I’d get on with this pair.

The fit is perfect for me (I’m a size 5 to 5 and a half), and they felt really well made and sturdy. The material was a soft suede, but I didn’t find that they cut across the bridge of my foot and rub (I do have wider feet here) nor did they gape at the heel where I’m narrower.

At first, I struggled with the laces as I didn’t want them to be too loose so my foot slipped as I walked, but I found that they blistered my foot a little at the back when I tied them too tightly. My advice would be to tie them firmly, but wiggle your feet a little just to loosen the hold on your ankle, particularly on the heel where mine started to rub.

For work I went both professional and summery. I wore them with my cropped black trousers from ASOS with a high necked cami top (River Island) and cardigan to cover my shoulders. As it’s warm and I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant I’m finding it hard to stay cool in the heat whilst still looking professional, and these shoes gave my work outfit a summery twist.

The next day, I wore a peach tulle skirt with a white and green top (both ASOS), and on both occasions I was complimented on my shoes.

I also had a dinner date with some friends and … you guessed it! … I also wore these shoes – this time with a 1950s navy dress from Joanie clothing and my Kate Spade bag.

On both work occasions I had a busy day (exam season, anyone?) and I found they lasted really well. On Day 1 my heel started to hurt a little on my right foot where I’d tied them too tight, and the lace came undone on Day 2, but whenever I’ve worn them since I’ve not had an issue. Just stock up with a few plasters for your heel whilst you’re breaking them in, and you’re good to go!

I love how comfy they are, and with the heatwave we’ve been having at the moment, timing couldn’t have been better!

These shoes were kindly gifted to me by Lunar shoes for my consideration, and can be purchased at the following link for £29.99 Lunar Lollyfox Carmen Lace Up Wedge Sandals


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