Blogging Break and 23 Week update | Pregnancy

I’m back! After a lovely and relaxing (not quite so peaceful!) month off I’m fully recharged, refreshed and ready to hit he ground running.

June was such a busy month for me! Not only is it GCSE exam season, but I had a lot of exam marking to do and just couldn’t find the time to regularly blog … or do anything I normally do!

I was also testing out a few products for blog posts (scheduled to arrive soon) and didn’t want to rush the testing process, nor put out substandard blog posts.

All my posts that were scheduled I pushed back to July to give myself time to get through my work-related jobs, and just give myself a little bit of a social media detox. We all need those from time to time!

I actually enjoyed not having to worry about scheduling tweets, editing images and keeping 3 social media accounts active. I did miss it and am looking forward to getting back into my regular routine, but I just know that trying to juggle too many things at once during exam season would just end up with more stress than it’s worth.

Exciting news is our move to a bigger house! At the moment we’re just going through the motions with solicitors etc, but we’re hoping that by early Autumn we’ll be in our new pad. I’m looking forward to having all that extra space to fill, and being closer to my friends, family and work will be incredible.

As for Baby no. 2, all is well. I’ve had more hospital appointment, consultant appointments and specialist appointments than I can keep count of (all as a result of my first pregnancy) but it’s all shaping up nicely and everything is well.

It’s been difficult working in this heat, though! When I was pregnant with Owen it was mainly through the autumn and winter months so I didn’t have to worry about the heat, but it’s been hard staying hydrated and keeping cool, especially when I’m at work.

It’s been nice having all this hot sunny weather, and I definitely want it to last through August for the summer holidays, but I have a newfound respect for pregnant women in hot weather!

July 2018 Goals

1. Read a book.

2. Save money for house move.

3. Get back into yoga once a week.

4. Declutter my wardrobe.


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