Aveeno Baby Daily Care Barrier Cream Vs. Child’s Farm Baby Moisturiser

With the heatwave we’ve been having, I’ve noticed that Owen’s skin is becoming drier and more irritable.

It started out as little patches in the crooks of his arms, but gradually spread across his arms, chest and face. When he became hot or flustered he scratched it, causing it to become red and flaky.

Rather than clogging up the Doctors I took him to a Boots pharmacist to see if there was anything over the counter that I could buy to help with childhood eczema, and she recommended both Aveeno Baby Daily Care Barrier Cream and Child’s Farm moisturiser.

When I looked online previously I’d come across both these products recommended on various ‘mums forums’, raving about the ‘miracle cure’ for their children’s skin ailments so I decided to pick both up. I could see that the scratching was causing Owen some distress, so I wanted a quick fix.

As a bit of a cult product I thought I might struggle to get the Child’s Farm moisturiser but had no issues in my home town Boots. At £4.99 for a large bottle, I wasn’t sure whether the price point meant it would be a complete dud, or whether it’s the biggest bargain of the day.

Starting with the Child’s Farm Moisturiser, I slapped it on as frequently as I could; when he was playing, straight out the bath, and before he went to bed as these were the times that Owen was most likely to scratch.

Launched in 2011, Child’s Farm uses natural ingredients and essential oils to ensure that they are gentle enough for newborn babies and toddlers alike. They also undergo clinical tests and user trials to ensure that they are Paediatrician approved.

Upon first application it was a lot more watery than I expected. I was expecting something a little richer and denser, but this was decidedly more runny. It was completely fragrance free, and absorbed nicely into his skin although it did feel greasy for a while afterwards. It is quite easy to over-apply – a little goes quite a long way – so err on the side of caution when dispensing product!

After a solid week of applying this I didn’t notice any major difference to the flaky skin on his arms. Although he did stop scratching as they were more hydrated and therefore less irritable, the flaky red patches were still there and there wasn’t any noticeable healing. I have to say given all the positive reviews, I was disappointed by the underperformance here, and certainly won’t repurchase.

So I moved onto the Aveeno Baby Barrier Cream. This is actually marketed as a nappy cream, but as it helps soothe and reduce redness I figured it’d do the same job.

Now, the Aveeno Baby Barrier Cream was slightly more pricey at £6.99 for a lot less product, but I’ve had Aveeno products in the past and liked them, so figured if it worked it’d be worth the extra money.

Their children’s range is formulated with natural oatmeal (a GREAT skin antioxidant!), and is gentle enough to use on babies and toddlers alike, coming in a variety of different products. Oats are great for moisturising, soothing and protecting sensitive skin, as well as restoring normal PH levels from overexposure to drying agents such as steroid creams typically used to treat eczema.

Noticeably, this product is a lot thicker than the Child’s Farm moisturiser, which was a lot more satisfying as it felt like it offered more protection. As it is so thick it doesn’t absorb easily, so again go in with a light hand at first to ensure no marks are left on clothes or furniture. Remember: a little goes a long way! It has a slight oatmeal scent to it, but nothing overwhelming or strong enough to irritate sensitive skin.

As before, I applied it for a week solid at the same times when Owen was likely to scratch. And what a difference! Nearly all the redness had gone, and the flaky skin had started to heal. As it was a lot more moisturising for longer the skin was kept hydrated, eliminating the need for Owen to scratch and allowing time for the skin to heal.

In the battle of the baby moisturisers the Aveeno Baby won hands down! Since writing this I’ve brought a second bottle for his eczema and at the slightest flare up I lather this stuff on and it works overnight. I’ve even started using it as a nappy cream too (separate bottle to avoid contamination) should he develop any nappy rashes – it’s THAT good!

It’s safe to say I highly recommend trying Aveeno Baby for any childhood skin irritations, and my Child’s Farm moisturiser remains in the cupboard unused. Yes it does cost more than other brands, but it’s worth the extra money for Owen to be happy and comfortable again.


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