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I’m no stranger to a Morphe Palette – I own a couple and have written reviews about them here. Likewise, I’ve been an OG Jaclyn Hill subscriber since her early days and despite drifting away in the more recent years, still occasionally watch her videos for inspiration.

I know that she’s shilled Morphe for years and I can understand why; the quality is good and the price point right, so when I heard they’d collaborated again on a second palette I delved into her reveal video to see if it was worth investing in.

I didn’t get the first Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette because some of the shade ranges weren’t my usual shades, but I liked the versatility and variety of the spectrum offered in the Vault palettes. Rather than buying each one individually, I thought it better to buy the entire vault and try them out to see which shades and palettes I prefer.

This collaboration stems from the fact that during the making of the first palette there were several shadows developed but never used in the final product, meaning that the ‘vault’ range consists of 40 eye-shadows that ended up on the cutting room floor. Instead, they’ve been repackaged into 4 mini palettes (a lot more travel friendly than the last one!), with each palette following their own spectrum colour for a variety of looks.

I know the launch date was postponed in order to go over the formulas and make sure that everything was perfect following a series of mixed reviews, but it finally went on sale last week and I was luck enough to get my hands on a set!

Boss Bling
I do love purple shades, and having green eyes this is the spectrum that compliments them the best, so therefore the one I was most excited to try. This features 4 matte shades and 6 shimmer shades with undertones of both berry purple and red.

As with the other Morphe palettes I own the formula is mostly spot on. I love how pigmented the matte shades are – Hush Hush, Sparks and Rockstar are to DIE for! The shimmer shades are highly pigmented and blend incredibly easy, and overall there is no duff shade here.

Hush Hush is probably my favourite – you all know how much I love a nude matte shade! And I think Gem would be perfect as a wash of colour under the lower lash line. Berry Treasure is a real dark horse; it looks purple in the pan, but when worn its a gorgeous inky purple – perfect for a smoky eye! Mystic is the only questionable pan; great shade and pigmentation however it’s slightly chalky and created a lot of fall out, but it’s worth it for that pigmentation.

Generally speaking, I really like this palette and can see it being perfect for Autumn and holiday season. There’s nothing subtle about the shades here, but I do believe it can be muted for everyday use.

Ring the Alarm
Now THIS is a palette I can get on board with! My favourite Morphe palette is the 350 for those warm toned reds and browns, so I can guarantee this will be the one I use more than anything. This is the one I can see being the most versatile for that day to evening transition; there are 4 shimmer shades, 4 matte shades and 1 satin.

I love the fact that Rush, Mugshot and Alert are all perfect for crease transition colour – bonus that they’re all matte shades too! Ideally I’d have liked a slightly lighter nude brown, but that’s more of a personal preference than a gripe.

Regarding the shimmers these are a lot more daunting in the pan than they are in the flesh; Bomb Ass looks very vibrant but when worn is slightly more subtle, and Lolli is a more muted and gorgeous rose gold. On Camera brings all the drama; look at that shimmer!

Siren and Mugshot are slightly more chalky and produce more fallout, whereas there is very little pigmentation to Framed; this needed building up with several layers before I had a decent enough pigmentation to photograph, but this maybe a good thing if you’re not one for the dramatic looks all the time.

This palette seems perfect for most skin colours, and I can see this being perfect for Autumn. I think this may be my favourite from the whole vault.

Dark Magic
This palette contains cooler toned shadows on the blue and green spectrum. There are a whopping 6 matte shades, 3 shimmers and 1 satin that really do look stunning in the pans.

Usually I’m not one for blue and green shades; they don’t look right with my skin tone and can wash my eyes out. However, I do sometimes like a little pop of colour on the lower lash line and can see some of these shades being perfect for that, even though I won’t use the bulk of these on a daily basis.

That being said, there are some PERFECT transition shades that I just wish were present in some of the other palettes; Poof and Shhh being examples of perfect mid-toned nude crease shades.

Powercut is absolutely knock-your-socks-off pigmented, and Trickery and Diversion are STUNNING. Potion was a little underwhelming, but overall there was very little fallout and these shades are a lot more wearable than I originally gave them credit for. Definitely one to own if you like a smoky eye or cooler toned shadows.

Armed and Gorgeous
This yellow-themed palette contains 6 mattes and 4 shimmer shades in all warm-toned colours. Again, I love the orange/yellow/gold undertones, although there are a few curve-balls here; the icy VIP stands out like a sore thumb and would have been placed better in the Dark Magic palette, and the khaki Top Secret likewise.

It’s a pity summer is almost over as this is perfect for those early summer months! Access, Smooth Criminal and Agent are my favourites; I do like Secure although there was a little fallout. Gilt Trip and Classified were like butter and so pigmented, and surprisingly Top Secret looks a lot better in the flesh.

I didn’t like VIP; it didn’t fit the rest of the palette and was so incredibly chalky. It might make a nice inner corner highlight, but I can’t see me using it all that often. Similarly Coin looked a little garish for everyday use, although is very festive for Christmas or festivals.

Generally speaking, it is hard to choose a palette that I wouldn’t recommend as there is a nice variety and versatility to all the palettes, despite not all shade ranges being my personal preference. I like the Morphe formulas and on the whole the Vault offers that same quality that I’ve seen in other palettes. None of the shades were particularly dry, and all blended out nicely and layered well. There were a few issues with fallout but this isn’t something that cannot be fixed.

Most shimmers were highly pigmented, and the mattes – despite there being some layering needed – had a good colour payoff and were highly workable. You can easily stick to one palette, but the fun in having all four means you can integrate one with the next and create a whole multitude of looks.

I also love the portability of the vault; I’ve said before that the Morphe palettes aren’t the most portable or travel friendly of palettes (no mirrors, large and bulky etc), whereas these are so portable and contain a decent sized mirror. The magnetic snap lid is secure and hard-wearing, and I love the colour design of the packaging.

Overall, I think the Vault collection is a great concept, and I love the diversity of the shade ranges here. One of the reasons I didn’t buy the original was the fact that there was a large spectrum of shades but it didn’t feel as coherent; by dividing these shades into 4 smaller palette’s they’ve created something more structured yet maintained the creative aspects.

At £15 for each palette, or £49 for all four I think the Vault is a definite investment worth making, and I can see them being very well-used over the years. If you’re a Morphe fan, I’d highly recommend adding it to your collection; I think this may be my favourite Morphe range yet.

Love Gemma signoff


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