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It’s such a difficult job for any parent trying to find healthy snacks and treats for their growing babes, without it breaking the bank or becoming a power struggle getting them to eat it!

WARNING: highly moreish!

I was recently fortunate enough to be sent a selection of goodies from Rhythm 108 to trial with my family, thinking that these might be perfect to pop in Owen’s nappy bag for a mid morning snack, or into my own handbag for a mid-afternoon treat!

Baked fresh in the Swiss Alps and full of wholesome ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, Rhythm 108 are all about real food made from real ingredients. With each product containing no more than 8 ingredients sourced fresh, each item is a simple but delicious recipe that is perfect for young and old alike.

As I hadn’t tried any of their products before, I was extremely lucky to be sent a wide variety of their different ranges, including their ‘Oh-la-la‘ tea biscuits, their ‘good-for-you‘ dessert bars and their ‘Swiss deeelicious‘ chocolate bars.

Oh-la-la Tea Biscuits

Out of the 6 available flavours, I was sent a large bag of Lemon Ginger Chai biscuits, 2 smaller Chocolate Hazelnut biscuits and 2 smaller Lemon and Ginger biscuits. The smaller bags are perfect to pop into Owen’s nappy bag for an on-the-go snack, and I’ve even put one into his nursery lunchbox for him to have when we pick him up as a treat if he’s been exceptionally good.

The larger bag I’ve claimed as my own – so much for a sharing bag! Anything with Chai and I’m completely sold! As I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and suffering greatly from heartburn I’ve been trying to snack little and often to keep it at bay, but it’s sometimes difficult to find healthy snacks that aren’t overly expensive and are varied – there’s only so much fruit and sugar-snap peas anyone can eat!

I find that these are the perfect size to graze on through the course of the day. I can just keep them in my bag or on my desk, and if I feel like I need a little something it’s convenient and healthy. Regarding Owen, he’s a fan of anything that he can hold and feed himself – little boxes of raisins or packets of apricots are a godsend! These biscuits are especially great crumbled up and sprinkled on top of his yoghurt and served with some fresh fruit; a tasty, quick and healthy pudding at any time of day!

With all the biscuit packs, they come foil wrapped so are always nice and fresh, and the 24g snack bags contain just enough biscuits to satiate him without cutting into his main meals. I especially like the sound of the almond biscotti and coconut cookie flavours; I’ll be trying these next!

‘Good-for-you’ dessert bars

These sound the most interesting, as you heat them in the microwave first for a few seconds before tucking in. Granted, this might not be the easiest when we’re on the go, but can definitely be enjoyed when I’m at work or as a tasty pudding for Owen after his tea.

I was sent all 5 flavours to sample; Choco Walnut brownie, coconut macaroon, lemon cake, apple pie and banana muffin. Straight away, I just know that Owen will love the apple and banana ones!

These are cake-like squares that can be eaten straight from the packet, but I’d definitely recommend heating them because it absolutely enhances the flavour. These are so indulgent it’s quite hard to believe they have no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives!

Eaten alone or with a sneaky scoop of ice cream, fresh fruit or a nut butter of your choice, these are definitely a Sunday afternoon treat! I’m a big fan of the apple pie and coconut macaroon, and as predicted Owen loved the banana muffin, but the biggest surprise was Rob. He’s munched on the Choco walnut brownie; I didn’t even get a look in!

‘Swiss-deeelicious’ chocolate bars

I don’t have an overly sweet tooth, but even I get struck down with those cravings! Not only are these bars vegan but they’re also raw, organic and gluten-free with 46% less chocolate than other related products (Granted, no one buys chocolate for its health credentials, but always good to know!)

Straight away the sweet and salty almond bars caught my eye! They are quite sweet, but as they aren’t the size of a standard chocolate bar it’s just enough to get your fix without being too sickly.

The coconut macaroon bar had a bounty-like feel to it, and was definitely most popular with Owen. We gave him one as his pudding after we’d gone to the safari park and had a picnic, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him eat something so quickly; he DEVOURED it! Rhythm108 nailed this one!

Final thoughts…

My favourite was definitely the dessert bars; there’s something very satisfying about having a rich and delicious dessert that is healthy and part of your 5-a-day – a nice end to the day! The biscuits and bars are a great addition to any lunchbox, and were definitely a hit with my little boy!

These products may be slightly pricey compared to other products of a similar nature, but they are decidedly healthier than other alternatives, and you have the peace of mind knowing the ingredients are organic and 100% natural.

At the moment, they can be brought directly from their website, and are also stocked on Amazon.

This product was sent to me for my consideration, which means I received product/payment in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own.

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