Third Trimester Update

We’re now down to single figures! At the time this post goes live I’ll be 35 weeks; 5 more to go and I can’t wait!

As I’m writing this it almost seems like a pointless update; I’ve had very little in the way of symptoms and have been lucky that it’s remained this way through the majority of my pregnancy.

I’ve been heavily monitored by the midwife, consultant AND cervical specialist throughout because of several issues from Owens pregnancy and birth, but all parties are in agreement that things seems to be going well and there are very few concerns. Baby is measuring as average in the 50th percentile – a definite improvement on Owen who was only in the 25th throughout and was born with a low birth weight. I know that this isn’t an indicator of size, but it sounds a lot more hopeful that this birth might go more to plan!

It was a struggle during the heatwave when I was at work because it’s an incredibly hot building without air conditioning, but once term ended I was able to manage and regulate it a little better.

I also have low blood pressure, so this was a struggle with the heat as I’d sometimes have dizziness and feel lightheaded. I was screened for diabetes at 28 weeks because of these dizzy spells in case I had low blood sugar, but all results came back normal. I just need to make sure I have something to eat and stay hydrated. Nothing particularly groundbreaking!

I’m still having bi-weekly scans and checkups to monitor progress, so hopefully the last 9 weeks remain as uneventful as the other 31.

One symptom that has developed later on is heartburn, which I’ve had during the most recent weeks, although this isn’t half as bad as it was with Owen and is decidedly more manageable this time around!

I haven’t had to do much in the way of preparations as we’ve got a lot of stuff remaining from when we had Owen, so I’ve not really thought about the weeks leading up to the birth. At the moment I’m all too consumed with a house move (cannot wait!) so once we’re settled in the new house and I’m on maternity leave I’ll have the time and space to fully prepare, and maybe even start to unwind as baby approaches!

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