I’ve got my eye on … new makeup and beauty releases

The best part of this time of year (other than the jumpers, woolly scarves, candles, Halloween films and… y’know… crisp Autumn mornings) are the new makeup and beauty releases that preempt the run up to Christmas.

There are so many new releases coming this season that it’s been hard to narrow down the ones I’m most excited for. Whilst I certainly have my particular favourites, each new release makes me feel like I need a lie down; who knows what hidden gem I’ll find?

I’m always on the lookout for the newest skincare favourite that’ll minimise under eye bags, or a primer than makes my skin look like actual porcelain. To me, that’s the most exciting part of a new release!

Image credit : Trendmood1 Instagram

Urban Decay Naked Cherry (RRP £39.50)

Since Urban Decay’s announcement that they were discontinuing the cult Naked 1 palette (sob!) I was wondering what might be in the pipeline. So when Trendmood’s Instagram leaked details of this palette, my Twitter timeline practically exploded from the interest shown.

The pink and purple based palette is set to be an Autumn lover crowd pleaser. Like all Naked palettes, there is a nice balance of matte and shimmer shadows in various shades along the purple spectrum, with some ideal neutral tones for a more muted look. Winner winner!

Image credit: Trendmood1 Instagram

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette (RRP £39.00)

Onto my second favourite release, and thank you Trendmood again for the heads up! Too Faced remain my absolute favourite eyeshadow formulas, and I have a number of their palettes already so I can guarantee this is on my Christmas list (Assuming I haven’t brought it already!).

The palette contains 18 shades in various Autumnal colours, and like all their ranges has a themed smell – this one smells of Gingerbread. Whilst there is no overarching colour theme other than warm toned Autumn shades, it looks like a gorgeous palette.

Image credit: Trendmood1 via Cosmopolitan

MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks (RRP £17.50)

I do love me a good lipstick! MAC cosmetics have some of the best affordable ‘higher end’ lipsticks, and have an incredible varied finish and shade range. This particular offering intrigued me for its matte finish but weightless feel. I have a love/hate relationships with matte lipsticks as they can be incredibly drying and uncomfortable after a while, so a matte lipstick that is both pigmented and hydrating seems revolutionary to me!

There are 16 shades available at the moment; all in shades I love! From a handful of nudes and links, and finishing with the traditional pillar box reds there is something for everyone. I think I’ll be collecting all 16!

Image credit: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Stars in your Eyes palette (RRP £60.00)

There’s no way I’d be able to justify buying this particular palette despite my long-standing love affair with Charlotte Tilbury, but it looks bloody gorgeous!

I haven’t tried their eye shadows before so I’m up in the air as to the quality and durability. That being said, I love the way this palette is designed into 4 trios of looks, perfect for the day to night to Christmas party transitioning.

With a healthy mix of mattes and shimmers this palette can easily create looks that are soft and romantic, but is easily ramped up for something more sultry.

Image credit: Trendmood1 Instagram

Huda Beauty New Nudes palette (RRP £56.00)

Another palette I can’t justify the cost of but can admire from a distance! The high price point of these palettes means I’ve not tried any of the previous offerings, but I have heard good things about the quality.

This is the first nude palette Huda Beauty has offered beauty addicts, and what a way to start! The 18 pan palette contains a variety of matte, shimmer and glitter shades in varying tones of gold, brown, burgundy and bronze. As there have t been any searches released I can’t comment on the quality and pigmentation, but based on the look of it you just know it’ll be an immediate success!

Image Credit: Lush UK Instagram

Lush Christmas 2018 (prices start from £2.95)

I love the Lush Christmas ranges! From their traditional Butter-bear and Snow Fairy to the more avant-garde The Worlds Smallest Disco and Santa’s Belly, Lush definitely go all out with their seasonal ranges!

Whilst the prices of some of these bath bombs seem to creep higher and higher, a special treat once a year can’t hurt! Whether you buy these products individually or hold off for their Christmas gift sets, some of these products are a definite excuse to indulge yourself.

Image credit: Soap and Glory UK Instagram

Soap and Glory Call of Fruity (prices start from £4.40)

Everyone loves Soap and Glory; whether you have a penchant for their makeup ranges or you’re a die-hard user of their body and skincare products, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy this newest offering!

I have so many products from Soap and Glory I’ll probably hold off buying anything just yet as I know I won’t use it until I’ve run down some of my other products, but I highly recommend their hand creams and body scrubs if you’re looking for a starting point.

Let me know in the comments what new releases you’re most excited about!


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