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It’s not often I cover fashion because I don’t really consider myself worthy enough to be a fashion blogger. When most of my clothing consists of ASOS, Primark or equivalent high street shops brought for convenience or a cheap price point, it’s not exactly an Instagram-worthy advertisement!

When Femme Luxe Finery contacted me recently to generously gift me with three items from their knitwear range to review I was surprised with how ‘wearable’ their products looked; their’s wasn’t a company I was overly familiar with as I struggle with buying online because of the variation in sizes but there was a wide choice in styles and colours, so I placed my order and awaited my delivery eagerly!

Red front wrap knitted jumper (RRP usually £25.99, currently available for £16.99)

I loved how unique this item looked! I’ve not seen anything quite like this before, and dark red is always a go-to colour for Autumn – you only have to read my previous posts expressing my love for berry lipsticks!

Upon arrival it is decidedly more of a bright red in the flesh – not a bad thing but something to be aware of. It’s also a lot more cropped than it appears in the photos online. I ordered the size 14 as it tends to be where I most often fall when buying clothes, but this definitely doesn’t fit like most 14’s I’ve tried – if you are interested in their knitwear I’d advise sizing up 2 sizes if you prefer things more oversized like myself!

Image taken from Femme Luxe Finery – Knitwear

Whilst I wouldn’t have the guts to wear this on its own (Childbirth has effectively ruled that out!), I’ve been wearing it with a long black vest top underneath and feel a lot more comfortable this way.

The quality is good; the wool is very thick and feels hard wearing, whilst still being soft. I’ve worn it with skinny dark denim jeans and thick black leggings, and both look equally good.

Mustard striped Bardot knitted jumper (RRP usually £23.99, currently available for £12.99)

Mustard is another colour I associate with autumn! This Bardot jumper also came in white with a mustard stripe, but I couldn’t resist the mustard jumper! It isn’t a colour I usually buy, but I loved the look of this particular jumper so it was the first thing I went for!

I wasn’t disappointed either! The jumper feels so seasonal; it’s perfect for those crisp autumn mornings!

Image taken from Femme Luxe Finery – Knitwear

As before, it is a lot more cropped that it appears which was slightly disappointing as the photos listed on the website make it appear a lot more oversized than it clearly is, so again size up. That being said, I can wear with with my trusty long black vest top and I feel a lot more comfortable. Again, perfect to wear with leggings and boots as an autumnal pop of colour.

NOTE: The third item placed in this order did not arrive and despite several emails to locate the missing item, it was not found nor redelivered.

Final thoughts…

I liked the range of clothing offered by Femme Luxe Finery; not just in their knitwear range but in other categories as well, and would browse their website for future purchases.

However, I think any average-sized girl should pay attention to the sizing of their clothes as they don’t appear true to life and do come on the smaller side so you may want to consider sizing up where possible. The sizing available isn’t as broad as other shops, so do be prepared for some near misses when ordering things. Use their size guide if you are unsure.

I also don’t rate their customer service either; I don’t want to seem ungrateful as I was lucky enough to be gifted these items, but I would like to think that should an item go missing from an order for a normal paying customer, Femme Luxe Finery would do everything in their power to locate or replace the missing item. Who knows…?

Overall their clothing is affordable and on trend, there are some really unique pieces that are sure to become staples for both summer and winter, and the quality is excellent.

Have you tried Femme Luxe Finery before?


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  1. Love this post and I love that you’ve been totally honest as well despite it being a collab. Tomorrow’s post for me is a collab with a restaurant that invited us for a meal and I’ll be honest it wasn’t 100% perfect so I’m a little nervous as to what to really tell my followers as I don’t want to lie but I also don’t want to be ungrateful as it was free xxx

    1. I know what you mean; you don’t want to appear ungrateful but at the same time you don’t want to be deceitful. I’d just be honest and say what was good but you were a little disappointed with this and that because you’d heard such good things 🤷🏻‍♀️ your readers will appreciate your honesty, and so should the restaurant! X

      1. You’re doing well! I’ve been blogging self hosted for two years and only just started getting collabs x

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