Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

I had this for my birthday last year off my husband as it’s been a regular feature on my wish lists since it was released. I’ve made no secret about the fact Too Faced do the best eyeshadows, so as a self-confessed junkie it was inevitable that I’d have to get it eventually!

There was so much hype surrounding this release that it was selling out in minutes every time it was restocked, so kudos to Rob for managing to get me one!

As always, Too Faced have created something incredible and quirky in their own way; the packaging is adorable, the quality perfection and the range a sheer delight to any makeup lover.

Like all their palettes, the metal tin is sturdy and comes with a decent mirror; the ombré colours and embossed peaches perfect for summer time. I’m not a fan of artificial scents (which Too Faced always run the risk of using) but the peach scent is neither overwhelming nor too sickly. Instead, it has a pleasant sweet scent that reminds me of ice cream, but isn’t too full on when you wear it nor does it linger.

There are 18 shades with various finishes; 5 matte shadows and 13 in a glitter or shimmer finish. Colour wise I was expecting a range of warm oranges, browns and maybe even a burnt orange/red, and whilst there is plenty of this present there are a few odd choices and inclusions.

Bless her heart and Tempting, whilst a gorgeous olive green and deep forest green, don’t quite fit the peach theme and are quite difficult to include in makeup looks. Similarly, Delectable and Talk Derby to me might be better placed in a chocolate bar palette – both are deep purple shades.

This aside the mixture of browns, golds, pinks and oranges fuse well to create a variety of looks. As always, the majority of shadows are opaque and buttery, with a gorgeous application and finish that even an amateur can succeed with. Delectable, whilst beautiful, is the only real duff shade here. I know that deep purples are notoriously difficult to get right, and on this occasion it’s the one that lets the palette down. Personally, I’d have omitted this one from the final product.

In terms of wear, I find that I can get a good 5-7 hours before they start to fade. I like wearing them so much that I actually used this palette when my sister got married in August; I did my makeup myself rather than paying someone else to do it, and this was my first choice for the day as I know how reliable Too Faced palette’s can be.

Her wedding day was during that ridiculous heatwave we had in England and was stupidly hot that day. She got married outside so not only were we outside during the ceremony but all the photos were outdoors as well, and the eyeshadows lasted incredibly well. If they can still look good in 30+ degree heat, they’ll look good anywhere!

Saying that, I’ve kept this palette in my everyday makeup bag straight through September into October as well! Despite having a very summery feel, the shades are definitely palatable for anyone who is keen on Autumn, and lend themselves nicely to the burnt oranges and reds of fall.

Generally speaking I’m a little biased as I always love a good Too Faced release, and this one is no exception. That being said, this isn’t my favourite palette of theirs and there are a few shades that are misplaced in terms of the concept being marketed here. Quality is, as always, spot on; I just think that the overall product needed refining in terms of the shades offered.

Overall, anyone who loves a good warm tone shadow or with blue or green eyes and looking to make them pop, look no further. There are a great range of neutral tones for something more subtle, and some great pops of colour for something more adventurous. As I like my warmer tones and neutral shades, this is ideal for me to play around with.


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