What’s in my bag? | Pregnancy and hospital edition

It’s definitely the scariest and most exciting thing any expectant mother has to do – me included. And it’s always so difficult to know what to bring with you in your suitcase, especially if you’ve not done it before. So what have I packed in my hospital bag? Keep reading to find out!

Just to give you a little background info; when Owen was born 5 weeks premature I spent a grand total of 11 days in hospital; 5 just after the birth due to various complications, and a further 6 days in TCU once he was released from the NICU in order to raise his birth weight.

When I was initially admitted into hospital I only packed an overnight bag as prompted by the triage nurse as they only thought I’d be there a few hours for monitoring.

Because of this, I found that a lot of things I needed had to be brought in from home in addition to what I’d already packed due to the amount of time I was admitted. Rob tended to bring in a lot for me each day; particularly things like clean clothes, books, toiletries etc.

This time around I’m under both consultant care for a premature labour and low birth weight from when Owen was born, and also specialist monitoring for various cervical issues that could contribute to a premature labour. I’m hoping to be cleared by both specialist and consultant for a water birth; if everything looks ok at my 38 week growth scan hopefully I’ll be given the all clear and can proceed with a more natural birth. Fingers crossed!

As a result I don’t know how long I’ll be in hospital for, so I’m making sure that I’ve got enough in my bag to last a few nights stay – just in case. So what’s in my bag for Baby number two? I’ve got a full list of everything I anticipate myself needing, as well as a few things I found invaluable the first time round. For any expectant mothers out there, I hope this helps!

  • Pre-Labour

      My maternity notes.
      A maternity bra suitable for a water delivery, plus a spare in case it’s needed.
      Two sets of Primark pyjamas, and a cheap night dress in case I have a Dr led delivery.
      Lip balm – invaluable for gas and air which made my lips horribly dry!
      Hair bobble and grips to keep my hair out the way.
  • Toiletries Bag

      Mini shampoo and conditioner.
      Mini dry shampoo.
      Tangle Teezer.
      Shower gel.
      Body lotion.
      Hand cream.
      Perfume sample.
      Mini toothpaste.
      Simple Face Cleansing Wipes.
      A travel face cream – I’m using a Clinique one that I had in a gift set for Christmas last year.
      Feminax hygiene wipes.

    • Post labour Essentials

  • Maternity pads – I’m using the Kotex night pads as they are ridiculously absorbent.
  • Lansinoh disposable nursing pads – so I don’t end up with any embarrassing wet patches on my clothes when my milk comes in!
  • Size 1 nappies for newborn – I’ve got Sainsbury’s own brand as those are my personal favourites, but any brand will do.
  • Nappy wipes – I’m using a 99% water wipe, but again it’s personal preference.
  • An old towel.
  • Old t-shirts and vest tops.
  • Maternity leggings.
  • Several pairs of black briefs from M&S – I’ve brought some high rise ones in case of a c-section, but also so my normal underwear isn’t ruined by any post labour bleeding.

Going Home

    A pair of comfy leggings – sized up.
    A long-line vest top.
    Several newborn vests and outfits for baby
    Newborn mittens, socks and hat.


  • Snacks – I have some cereal bars and some Snack-a-jacks.
  • Phone and charger – As I have an iPhone 7plus I’m not bothering with my DSLR camera, as portrait mode is good enough.
  • Headphones – in case I want to listen to Spotify or an audiobook/podcast.
  • A reading book.
  • A hot water bottle.
  • Slippers.
  • Spare change for the car park.

If there are any experienced mamma’s out there, please feel free to leave any ideas or tips on what you included In your hospital bags, and any expectant mothers let me know if anything on my list was helpful!


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