Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir: my Perfect Winter Fragrance?| 12 Days of Blogmas 2018

Perfumes are my go-to gift for any present; if you’re ever stuck on what to buy me, go for a perfume. I’ve got a large collection already, but I’m always buying a new one or experimenting with different samples or layering new scents. Shopping for a new perfume is very much like shopping for new clothes: you have to consider what the weather will be like, when you’re likely to wear it and whether or not it’ll suit you.

Like clothing, some perfumes are better suited to Spring and Summer. Lighter, cooler fragrances are better suited to the warmer weather whereas heady, warmer fragrances lend themselves perfectly to Autumn and Winter.

Choosing a scent

When thinking of a winter fragrance, you need to consider the notes of the perfume. You immediately pick up on the top notes, which should be light and fresh enough to make an impact. The heart of any perfume is the middle notes – the one that lingers once the top notes fade. You are left with the base note; the heaviest, warmest on which lingers long into the day.

The middle and base notes are the ones you need to consider in a winter fragrance, as temperature will intensify or evaporate certain tones.

Last year, I was obsessed with YSL Black Opium and wore it continuously throughout the month of December. This winter, I’m going to be wearing Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir.

I recently treated myself to a small bottle of Jo Malone’s fragrances in September for my birthday, when me and my husband had a wander through Selfridges in Birmingham. I’ve always liked her perfumes but was never able to justify the cost. As it was my thirtieth I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a little treat, and finally settled on Pomegranate Noir.  (Although I was torn between several others that I might get another day – starting with Blackberry and Bay!)

The Scent

Usually Jo Malone fragrances are  light and airy – probably as they are designed to be layered with another. Pomegranate Noir is a heavier and moodier offering. With top notes of pomegranate and raspberry and base notes of patchouli and musk it is distinctly deeper and richer, and as a result lasts far longer than her usual colognes.

On first application it is very strong so some may be put off at first sniff by its potency. I definitely agree that this may not be a scent for everyone. Because of its unique blend of exotic ingredients I would suggest returning to it after an hour and the top notes have faded. What you are left with is a very rich and luxurious fragrance once the middle notes of pink peppercorn and Casablanca lily come into play.

My thoughts

The result? An exotic scent full of rich, woody and spicy accords. It’s definitely a mature fragrance that someone younger might not like. I’m on the fence as to whether I can pull this off during the day, but for an evening or party it’s sensual and sexy. Masculine and feminine scents work in harmony which is why this one makes it hard to explain. The notes here balance each other out so it’s hard to pinpoint the prominent scent; it changes so much though the time in which you wear it.

This is definitely a love-hate perfume; I personally love it but I’d definitely recommend trying it before you buy it. Pomegranate isn’t a note usually used in perfume; when coupled with clove and incense the result may be too powerful for some. If you are looking for something a little different, give it a sniff.

Final thoughts

As far as fragrances go this is one of Jo Malone’s that could definitely class as unisex. Although if you want to lighten the fragrance I was recommended layering it with Jo Malone’s Amber and Ginger Lily, English Oak and Hazlenut or Sea salt and Sage. For longevity and something sultry and complex, give this a go.


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