Too Faced Gingerbread Palette Review | 12 Days of Blogmas 2018

What’s Blogmas without a festive makeup palette?!? And as always, Too Faced have absolutely knocked it out of the park with their whimsical and unique Gingerbread Spice palette.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Too Faced are my favourite makeup brand when it comes to eye shadows. I own a fair few of their palettes and find that they get the most use out of everything I own. So when they announced their Holiday Collection I knew it was inevitable that I’d buy one or two bits from it. Luckily I was quick off the mark when it was released and I managed to get my hands on the palette – the collection sold out fairly quickly!

There’s no other company that’ll make me buy a makeup palette faster than Too Faced. It’s not like I need another palette; I mean, thanks to a lack of willpower I’ve probably got enough makeup to open my own shop. But when a themed release comes a’calling I just can’t help myself. Ah, the power of advertising.

First thoughts

I mean, I don’t go out and buy every warm toned, neutral palette out there – although it may seem this way. I did feel that this one was unique enough to justify this because…hey…gingerbread smelling.

And it really does smell like fresh gingerbread. Not in a Grandma’s biscuit tin, stale kind of way, but more like a gingerbread latte mixed with cocoa and vanilla. It truly does feel festive. It’s not overpowering or long lasting to feel cloying, but subtle enough to notice.

So, starting with the actual packaging. It comes in a sturdy metal tin with a snap close lid that feels weighty and expensive. The design on the front is quite kitch and cutesy – something that Too Faced started with the Sweet Peach collection. Inside you have a decent sized mirror ideal for on-the-go applications

The shades

The shades are what you would expect from a warm toned palette; a good mix of browns and golds. As always Too Faced have the capability to throw in a random pop of colour that somehow seems to work. The colours do appear a little mismatched but they work well together. The addition of the application guide helps as a starting point for novices to coordinate shades to create a variety of looks.

There are 18 shadows in total; a combination of mattes, metallics and shimmers. There are some perfect mid toned brown mattes (the first thing I look for), some gorgeous gold and champagne shimmers and some surprisingly perfect burgundy and purple metallics.

As always, the formulation is bang on and it seems that Too Faced seem to get better with each new release. The matte browns have enough depth to work perfectly as transition shades, the metallics pack a punch on their own but intensify when wet, and the shimmers liven up the mattes without being too garish.

Final thoughts

If you don’t own any Too Faced palettes this would be a good place to start. The shades all seem a lot more coherent compared to other palettes in their range. It’s definitely more of a ‘play it safe’ kind of purchase compared to other palettes where the colour matches aren’t always the most obvious. Even me with my average skills doesn’t struggle to match colours for a look, and can make the prettiest of looks.

Even though it isn’t particularly different to other neutral palettes available, I do think it is special and different enough to get for your collections. I definitely think this is a lot easier to work with – colour wise – to their other palettes. The Sweet Peach one is a little more cooler toned and the Chocolate Bar one’s are a lot more adventurous in terms of the colour spectrum. Whether you’re using the candied browns and pinks for a little daytime glam or vamping it up with the fuchsia, purples and golds for a dramatic evening look there is a look for everyone here.

Have you brought this palette? If you have let me know in the comments what you think of it, and if you haven’t say whether or not you intend to purchase it.


8 thoughts on “Too Faced Gingerbread Palette Review | 12 Days of Blogmas 2018

    1. No I think you’re right, it definitely has a hint of vanilla. Purples aren’t my go to shades either, but these are really pretty ☺️

      1. It was Beauty Blitz. I’d had it for years but when I decided to go self hosted the domain name was gone already so I didn’t have any choice x

  1. I felt like this one smelled like the chocolate bar ones lol! The Gingerbread Girl liquid lipstick however spelled SO MUCH like Gingerbread so I was hoping this palette would too! I guess the scents are a little harder to translate on some products maybe? Still a really cute and festive palette!

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