Getting party ready with False Lashes UK | GIFTED| 12 Days of Blogmas 2018

It’s getting to that time of year when it’s all Christmas parties and work do’s; when you want to feel a little more glam to see in the New Year and add a little more sparkle to your Christmas Day. It’s the perfect time for false lashes!

The items sent to me to review were gorgeous!

When False Eyelashes UK contacted me to kindly gift me with several pairs, my first thought was Christmas parties. I have several coming up with friends and family, and my Christmas Work do. The timing was perfect to have some new falsies to wear for the occasions!

My natural lashes are of an average length. I’ve tried various serums in order to help growth and I’ve been have extensions over the years, but nothing really seems to last. Personally, I don’t like anything too ‘false’ looking. I love fluttery, long wispy lashes that emphasise my natural ones without looking obviously fake.

I don’t buy false lashes often as I don’t wear them on a regular basis; just for nights out or special occasions. When I do come to purchase them I’m at a bit of a loss where to start. With all the different styles and lengths, I never know what I’m looking for! But with over 1,000 styles from a number of top-selling brands, False Eyelashes UK definitely have something for everyone – even someone picky like me!

Lash set #004

I was sent two pairs of lashes along with a set of tweezers to help with the application.

False Lashes 3D Lashes – 004

These are gorgeous and fluttery, and are specifically designed to both thicken and lengthen your lashes. As there are a mixture of long and shorter lashes packed very tightly it creates the illusion of depth, and makes them appear thicker. It creates a multi dimensional look that adds both impact and drama, as well as being feminine and soft.

These are a little long for my eyes, so I did need to trim them a little to fit properly. As there is no lash glue provided I used my trusty Duo Lash Glue in black.

As the lashes are longer in the centre they are perfect for my hooded eyes, and create the right amount of drama without being too over the top. According to the website you could wear them for daytime looks also, but I disagree. These are perfect for evening wear, and look stunning with a dramatic party look!

I wore these to a Christmas meal with my girlfriends, and found them surprisingly comfortable to wear. I managed to apply them easily enough and found that they fitted perfectly once trimmed. Towards the end of the night (after wearing them for several hours), I did find them slightly uncomfortable but this is something I get with a lot of fuller lashes. Whether it’s the weight of them on my eyes or the glue I’m not too sure. I reckon fuller pairs just irritate my eyes after a while!

False Lashes 3D lash – 002

These are a lot more fluttery! Again, they contain a mixture of longer and shorter hairs but these are packed a lot more loosely. This means they look a lot more natural and could definitely be worn during the daytime for a little extra added glam!

Whilst these do make your natural lashes seem thicker they add a lovely amount of length.

I wore these when I took my Son on the Severn Valley Railway to visit Santa, and found them perfect for the daytime. They feel very comfortable to wear – moreso than the other ones. I think because they are less ‘full’ they feel a little lighter and fluttery.

To apply both pairs I used the applicator provided in the PR package, which was like a little pair of curved tweezers.

This made the application so much easier! It was a lot easier to angle the lashes to the shape of my eye, which meant i could get them closer to the lash line for a more comfortable fit.

I’m no professional when it comes to applying lashes; it takes me several attempts sometimes! With with a little trial and error i was able to get a pretty perfect application!

The best part about False Lashes UK is that they sell many brands, shapes and sizes. If their own brand don’t take your fancy there are plenty more to choose from. And with first class free delivery you could have them the next working day. Perfect for any weekend parties!

This product was sent to me for my consideration, which means I received product/payment in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own.

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