Top Picks for a Cosy Winter Evening | 12 Days of Blogmas 2018

With the colder, darker nights drawing in now’s the perfect time to have a few cosy nights in. All the wet and windy days are enough to contemplate hibernation, especially when you’re getting up in the dark and leaving work in the dark.

With Christmas right around the corner it’s only natural that our evening routines change. I find that just spending half an hour doing something for myself makes a world of difference; both for my mental well-being and health. Be it a hot bath, reading a good book or just moisturizing my skin, taking a little time to relax and unwind helps me sleep better and wake up a little more refreshed and in the right frame of mind to take on the day ahead.

A Hot Bath

This is a bit of a novelty for me recently, as I’ve gone years without a proper bath (FYI: Not because I’m dirty; our old flat and house only had a shower) so I’m making the most of the new addition. I’ve got bath bombs, bubble bath, even a few jelly bombs to indulge in. I just set up my bath tray with a nice drink, get some treats ready, and relax with a good book. My bath tray came from eBay and cost a grand total of £9.99. Bargain!

Hot drinks

My drink of choice at the moment are these Beanie’s flavoured coffee’s; I was sent a box of 100 sachets and I’m down to the last handful so will be repurchasing them soon as I love them so much! When I’m not needing a caffeine fix I love herbal teas; again, I have a whole bunch and tend to lean towards the Green Tea flavoured ones. That being said, I do love the Clippers Snore and Peace tea – not just for the pun, but it really does help relax me!

A great movie

I love snuggling up in bed with a good film! Netflix has some great offerings this time of year (Cheesy Christmas films are the best!) and NowTV has some great premiers on the run up to Christmas. Yes, I’ve seen The Greatest Showman. Several times. Yes, I own the DVD already. But do I care? Nope. Now it’s available to stream I’ve watched it. Most nights. Alternatively, the BBC has the most incredible dramas this time of year. I love buying a Christmas TV guide to mark off everything I want to watch over the festive season.

A good book

As a Bibliophile I’ve always got one – or three – books lined up to read. Sometimes several at once. I tend to buy most of my books from Charity shops as they are so cheap (and also, y’know, helping a good cause) or The Book Depository, and have whole bookcases dedicated to my ‘To Be Read’ list. You can follow my latest progress on my Goodreads Account here, but be warned, I always forget to update it!

Alternatively, I love reading baking magazines for inspiration!

Yummy treats

I’ve got a whole cupboard dedicated to Christmas chocolates and biscuits at the moment; I can’t help myself! But the best thing about the colder months is baking them yourself; I love making biscuits and cookies with Owen – these gingerbread ones are our current favourites – but I love making cakes too. Pinterest has some great recipe ideas to work from; follow my board here to look at my recent baking pins!

Comfy clothes

Be it pyjamas and a dressing gown or jogging bottoms and a loose t-shirt, changing into something a little more comfy is a must. I’m a pyjama and dressing gown kinda girl; M&S do the best dressing gowns, and you cannot beat ASOS and Next for Pyjamas. My current loves are these squirrel and acorn pj’s I brought from Next last year. I make sure I buy myself a new set each Christmas – I’ve been doing the same for Owen and Emilia too!

That’s everything I’ve got for my cosy nights in; what have you got in yours?

Love Gemma signoff


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