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The best thing about the Christmas season (other than family, and gifts, and…you know…mince pies) is the Christmas TV selection.

It’s a tradition that’s gone on for YEARS; my mom would always buy a Christmas TV Times. And every year without fail me and my sisters would wrestle over who got to look at it first and circle what we wanted to watch over the two weeks holiday. We took it very seriously. We’d each have a different coloured pen and everything.

Now as an adult I still make a point each year of buying a copy and looking at all the dramas and Christmas specials worth watching.

And what a better way to watch it than cuddled up on the sofa with my love; a few cheeky treats and glass of mulled cider, watching a TV drama or Christmas film on our big TV.

There really is nothing better than experiencing your favourite film or TV show in all its Ultra HD 4K glory.

As it happens, Latest Deals are having a huge sale over the Christmas season if anyone is looking to upgrade their TV set. With brands like Samsung available for hugely reduced prices, now might be your opportunity!

Basically, they take the stress out of sale shopping. They act kind of like a price comparison site; they’ll search websites such as Very/Argos/Tesco/Curry’s etc to find you the best available deal on a TV of your choice.

Their easy to navigate site clearly identifies the best deals available to you. It allows you to filter and narrow your options depending on your preference to brand, feature and budget.

As we’ve not long moved into our new house we’re just in the process of redecorating all the rooms (An expensive job!). Once we’ve done the living room, Rob’s already mentioned buying a 4KTV. And he’s a stickler for doing his research first (I’m more of a spontaneous spender!) so this sort of site is perfect for him to easily compare deals and find the best option for our budget.

Personally I don’t want to spend a fortune, so I can rest easy knowing that he’ll find the best item for the best price using Latest Deals.

But – without further ado – here’s my pick of TV hits this Christmas period and ones I’ll definitely be watching!

The ABC Murders – BBC1, Boxing Day, 9pm

I love me a good murder mystery – both book and TV – and Agatha Christie is the Queen. Here Hercule Poirot is played by the insurmountable John Malkovich, and with an all-star cast I can guarantee a winner here. The last Agatha Christie TV adaptation I saw was And then there were none (which I thoroughly enjoyed), so this is my top pick.

Luther – BBC1, New Years Day, 9pm

I just love Idris Elba! Anything with him gets a 10 from me! And there is no better role I’ve seen him in than as Luther; the brooding detective investigating another set of gruesome murders. I’ve watched every season right from the start, so thrilled its returning for its fifth season. Also, for anyone whose missed out on the four seasons so far, it’s available on Netflix to stream.

Les Miserables – BBC1, 30th December, 9pm

Another fantastic drama! This time, Olivia Coleman takes the helm playing both Madame and Monsieur Thenardier and nothing pleases me more. I love her. Seriously, just everything about her. She’s incredible. On a side note fans of the musical should note that this is a drama covering all of Victor Hugo’s book, and shouldn’t expect Lily Collins’ rendition of I dream a dream. Adapted for the screen by Pride and Prejudice‘s Andrew Davies it’s inevitable that this will be good.

The Dead Room – BBC4, Christmas Eve, 10pm

An unusual choice for me because I don’t usually switch to BBC4 that often, but I can’t resist the lure of a ghost story. It’s about a radio presenter who finds that all is not well in the empty studio. Christmas Ghost stories work well this time of year, so I’m looking forward to this one.

Watership Down – BBC1, 22nd December, 7pm

I read this book about 22 years ago when I was 8 years old, so watching this is going to bring back some long forgotten memories! As a collaboration between The BBC and Netflix it features an All-Star cast (Seriously, there are loads). It retells the story of Richard Adams’ beloved children’s book. I saw the original 1978 movie and it scared the crap out of me, so here’s hoping this one is better!

Take That: We’ve come a long way – BBC1, 28th December, 7pm

Take That still remain a firm favourite from my childhood. As a kid at my very first concert (Their Nobody Else your back in 1995) right through to current day, I’ve been to every single concert they’ve ever done. And as they reunite (Once again!) for their 30th anniversary, you can guarantee I’m tuning in to share the journey.

Whew! What a list; I don’t know where I’m going to find the time!

Let me know in the comments what you’ll be tuning in to see!


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