2018 Makeup and Beauty Favourites

Round up! Round up! My annual favourites is the one post I look forward to writing (even though it’s always a challenge!), and I love reading other Blogger’s round up of their year in makeup and beauty.

Does anyone else find it really hard to remember their favourites? Throughout the year I try and test lots of different things to report back on here, but I can never remember what ones I’ve loved most. Really I need to make it a resolution of mine to make notes!

I originally wanted this post up during Blogmas but it’s taken me ages to find the time to do it – life gets in the way! Finally, I think I’ve managed to pin down my top picks so I hope you enjoy!

PICTURED: The perfect makeup combo!

Makeup Favourites

Rimmel Setting spray – This I picked up when it was on sale back in May (at the start of the heatwave). I was struggling to keep makeup adhered to my face whilst at work so I gave this one a whirl. I’ve not used anything since! Sometimes I find setting sprays act too much like a glue: they make my face feel quite dry and crusty (ew!). This has the opposite effect but the same results. The mist is so incredibly fine! It’s just a light spritz that covers the whole face and feels fairly weightless. There’s not a whole lot that can be said other than it keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. It also smells gorgeous!

Too Faced Sweet Peach – Again, something I pretty much lived in; right through my sisters wedding up until late Autumn! Perfect Spring/Summer palette; gorgeous colours and great formulation. The shades are just so versatile and can do almost any look. I’m not the most skilled when it comes to eye makeup, but the formulas are so easy to blend and smooth to apply. Such an easy palette to wear.

NXY eye brow pencil – There’s actually two of their brow pencils I’ve used this year. I like them so much, I genuinely can’t decide between them! The Micro Brow pencil is so unbelievably precise, whilst the Precision Brow pencil is great at filling in any fine hair to make your brows look thicker. As my brows are quite sparse in places I do have to fill them in quite a bit. Using these just makes that whole process easier. I love that I can go heavier and thicker, or lighter and more natural. The formula is so creamy, you can get the lightest strokes which looks amazing.

Gorgeous summer floral fragrance

Beauty Favourites

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Intense Eau De Parfum 30ml Spray – This was the perfume I initially brought for my sisters wedding. I’ve used this pretty consistently all through summer – replacing my trusty Paco Rabane Oympea. It’s a beautiful floral scent that lasts forever, and was perfect for the heatwave we had. I know this is a very late discovery, but I will definitely continue to use this. 100 percent will be repurchasing when I run out. My favourite perfume of 2018, hands down.

Clinique Moisture Surge – I’ve gone through two large jars of this face cream this year, and have just brought my third jar ready for when I run out. This is my perfect face cream; it’s not greasy or heavy on my skin, soaks in well and lasts forever. It’s like real sorcery and I will never be without a jar in my regular skincare routine. I feel so fresh faced after using it and it combats all areas of need; no dryness, no oiliness, no wrinkles or visible pores. It’s just magical.

PICTURED: Glossier Balm dot com in coconut

Glossier Balm dot com – I’ve made two Glossier purchases this year: one was for the perfume, and the second for their lip balms. These were purchased late September and I have to say I’m impressed. I don’t think I love them as much as my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, but these do come a very close second! These are a great size to throw into your handbag for on the go applications, and I love the variety of scents and flavours.

Garnier Moisture bomb sheet masks – Garnier Sheet Masks are sheer perfection. For something you can pick up on the High Street for a reasonable price they feel pretty premium. I especially love the pomegranate one, and always have a ready supply to hand.

Making sure my hair and skin were ready all year round!

Lee Stafford Choco bomb – Just Lee Stafford Hair Masks in general: seriously my favourite hair masks! As I have my hair balayaged regularly, and straighten/curl my hair I’m very conscious of the damage this could do over time. So, taking preventative measures, I use these regularly with every hair wash. I’ve tried other brands on the market, but only purchase these now. These. Work. Magic. I just rub it through the ends and leave it on whilst I continue doing what I need to, then rinse it out at the end. My hair is perfectly silky and healthy, split ends are minimal and I rarely get any breakage. They genuinely are game changers.

Batiste Volume Dry Shampoo – I recently had my hair cut shorter to thin it out after I gave birth (ridiculously thick hair!) but didn’t want it to look flat. A quick spritz of this in the morning before I go out and I’m good to go. Adds great texture and lift, plus also keeps my hair looking fresher between washes.

Miscellaneous Favourites

The Power by Naomi Alderman – I read this earlier in the year and wrote a review on it here, but I will definitely be rereading this sometime soon. This is the one book that completely struck a note with me this year, and I find myself frequently think about some of the themes and events of the book. I recommend it to nearly everyone who mentions needing a new book, and will continue to do so in 2019. This year I’m making an extra effort to read more Feminist Dystopian in 2019; I already love The Handmaid’s Tale and this had a very similar feel to it, so I’ll be looking into more of this genre this year.

So that’s it! What have been your favourite products of 2018? Do you have any recommendations for 2019? Remember to say so in the comments!

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