Blogging is hard work, and growing your blog can be a slow process. Advertising packages are an excellent way at introducing your blog to new readers, and making sure your blog gets seen!

Diamond Package
Cost: £6
Next Availability:

  • Button at the top of the sidebar
  • 3 re-tweets of your promo tweets each week
  • 1 of your promotional tweets as a pinned tweet.
  • 2 Instagram shoutouts through the course of the month (either a regram or through Instagram Stories)
  • Your website and social media links, and a description of your blog featured at the top of a monthly ‘advertisers’ post.
  • 4 comments on your blog posts through the course of the month.
  • Individual #FF every Friday on Twitter

If you have any additional needs, please email me at I reply to all enquiries within a 24 hour period. Once all details are confirmed, I will let you know where to send the PayPal payment to.

These advertising packages rely on you; you need to make sure you put out enough promotional tweets to ensure the re-tweets are possible. If you do not put out enough promotional tweets, I will be unable to complete this part of the ad package.
If you would like certain posts on Twitter to be re-tweeted, you need to let me know before the month commences which posts you want me to specifically advertise. Otherwise, I will chose posts at random from your selection during the month.
Instagram shoutouts will consist of a re-gram of one of your images, with your username tagged with a relevant comment. Again, if you want a certain image re-grammed you need to let me know before the month commences. Otherwise images will be chosen at random from your posts for the month.
Additional costs will occur for any extras you wish to include. You also need to make sure you have a blog button that can be featured in the sidebar provided via email the week before the month commences.