You may or may not know that blogging is not my full time job (unfortunately) but something I’ve done for over ten years as a hobby.

During this process, my blog has grown and I have had the good fortune of working with some tremendously amazing companies, and am lucky enough to have been gifted things during this process.

You may see the following codes or captions with posts, and here is where you get an in-depth guide to what they mean. All this falls in line with the CSA and ASA guidelines about sponsored and paid for advertorials, circa January 2019.


These will always be declared with ‘AD’ in the post title, and a sentence in the opening paragraph declaring the partnership. There will also be a disclaimer at the end of the post.

This will also be used for occasions where I am gifted products but am required to talk about them as part of a blog post or social media post. This is still classed as a payment, and will be marked as AD despite no monetary payment.


Any paid for posts with be marked by ‘AD’ at the beginning of each caption or tweet, with the hashtag AD at the end of the post.


Where I have received items sent to me for my consideration but there is no requirement for me to post about it, these will be marked as GIFTED to denote the nature of my relationship to the company. This will be present in the main title, opening paragraph and disclaimer at the end.


This denotes a historical paid/gifted collaboration with a brand that has no connection to current content. This will be clearly marked as AD | PREVIOUSLY GIFTED/PAID in the opening paragraph and a disclaimer at the end, but only if it took place within the year.


All affiliate links are disclosed in the opening paragraph and at the bottom of every post when they are used. Affiliate links do not cost you money, but mean that I receive a percentage of the profits when you use it to buy an item I recommended.

Obviously, it goes without saying that ALL products featured are ones I truly like and enjoy using, and all opinions remain my own regardless of whether I was paid or gifted.

If you have any more questions on ASA guidelines or disclosures, please feel free to contact me.

Updated January 2019
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